Wild Weasel 2023

Bit of progress, too…

Hope to finish the underside soon :sweat_smile:


Looks great Peter. I’ve always been a fan of that scheme on the Phantom. It looked good in the 2 tone grey and green.

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Very nice, reminds me I’ve got to do a Phantom again…

First bits of color on my Wild Weasel…

And followed by some taping…

And finally unwrapping…


That’s going great. I like the paint finish.
Looking forward to seeing this one completed, you really don’t see many of these done.

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Well thanks very much, must say that now I’m building this one, I like the plane so much I have bought another few versions :smile: the tadpole is contagious once you start with them…

Tonight another taping session,…

And after unwrapping I added some Tamiya smoke to the panellines…


Looking lovely Bert. The panel lines look really good as well.

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Some progress with my F-4G, now painting the topside

Everyone is busy here now I see :smiley:
Good luck :raising_hand_man:


I need to get back at the F-105. It’s been sitting for quite awhile.

I need to pull my finger out to and carry on with mine. Times a ticking. I’m more than happy to give an extension closer to the date.

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Weathering my Weasel…


Really like that weathering Bert, dirty but realistic through lots of round the clock use… Nice :+1:

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Thanks Johnny!

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I agree with John: Beautiful weathering, Bert!

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Thank you very much!

Today I did the last bit of work, painted the front windscreen clearblue as I’ve seen a couple of A6’ with that and I just like the look of it… also added some ‘Remove before flight’ flags… calling this one finished…

Thanks for the nice campaign and good luck to the last builders!


Excellent build Bert… You nailed it :+1:

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Congratulations on finishing Bert, it looks amazing!

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Thanks! And eventhough this is an older kit ,I can only recommend it, it builds really nice, no fitting prolems or anything like that.


Fantastic build, Bert!!

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That looks perfect. Excellent work.

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