Wild Weasel 2023

An EF-105F that’s right. At this scale it’s a simple matter of leaving off the side mounted ECM pods. I believe most of the differences are internal and mostly to do with electronics and the ability to carry the AGM-78.

I’ve got the Trumpeter G for when I do want to build that version.

Ok, silver for the air intakes and wheel bays


Thanks, appreciate it.

Interesting solution for the screens, Stephen. It came out very realistic and the cockpit looks great so far! :ok_hand:

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I think depending on the year you can paint them white too but dont take my word for granted, have not researched F105 details that much

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Thanks, they do look good now they’ve dried. Just something I noticed looking at photos. Powered down they seemed to be strange dark orange colour. Green looks better for later CRT and of course modern LCD/LED screens would be black.

Here we go:

More aftermarkets are comings :wink: (decals, HARM, ECM Pod and Wheels)


That’s going to be a good one!

Got the F-105’s seats painted up today. These are really nicely detailed parts oob.

Hoping to have the cockpit installed and fuselage buttoned up over the next few days.


Those seats look good.

The trumpeter ones leave quite a bit to be desired.

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Thanks. The detail on this kit is really nice. I might have to keep my eyes open for more vintage Monogram if this is anything to go by.

I did make a comparison with the Trumpeter G in my stash and yes it is a little simpler in places. Even the opened gun bay ends up looking toy like. But, has a few nice things like the double Shrike pylons and QRC-160 ECM pods. An item I’ve needed for a long time to do an Operation Bolo F-4.