WIP: M1A2 SEP v2

So i haven’t made any updates lately sooo…

Uploading: …


That’s looking great Ed. Love the crud behind the wheel stations … now that’s mud !! The stowage looks nice … there but understated or over crowded. Overall finish is really nice. Top job :+1:

Still playing around with the storage.Might add somethings or take away.

I’ve started on the weathering process now,tracks have been done and skirts are on as well


Turning out really great. Like the dirty finish and cam net sets it off as well… Nicely done :+1:

A few more updates


Looking good.

Nice weathering job on the side skirts

Who would name their tank “Mattew McConaughey”? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

1st layer of mud

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Nice job so far.

Thank you,im really enjoying this build.

Well done.
Add the second color and you’ve got the Army’s newest paint scheme.

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Oooooh. My jaws are on the floor…

Do you have any idea whats behind that paint job?

I do. But the technicians have asked that it not be made public yet. I can take pictures of the V3 but I can’t talk about the paint!

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I hope RFM will make a v3 version,I would like to do something on this.If your able to would love to see more images of this

Aren’t they calling it the M1A2C ?

Yes and no. It depends on who (Army, industry, defense officials, etc…) you talk to.

Todays update.Started work on the camo netting,weathering of the turret.