Wish List of New Modern Kits for 2021 - your top 5?

Vargas models has released this one: 1/35 M777-A2 155mm Medium Towed Howitzer – vargas_lg

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Big fan of the soft-skins myself. Can hardly wait for the RFM JLTV! I like the creativity folks use to get the job done, think SOF-GMV or the BW Fenneck. Maybe a modern Commo truck?

Off-topic. Nice profile pic - wish I were there.

I see that a 3D file catalog contains a very detailed MRZR at a whopping $150 USD price tag to download. Hopefully one day a MRZR will be made as a kit.

As I’m stuck in a 70’s time warp.aka Vietnam war period.1st. A Rone Plow, 2nd. AFV M163. 3rd. Any and all GunTruck mods. 4th.AFV Ontos. 5th.possibly multi pose nam figures like the old airfix ,only in 1/35th… ,and just for s—-ts and giggles,I know not armour but,for any other 67G20 guys out there a 1/35 or even 1/48th Beechcraft U-8 RAR version.