Wishlist for 2023

It seems every year some one does a post of a wish list so here it goes for 2023
my wish list as follows all in 1 35 scale
Romanian TR85
M1A2 SEP V.3 with US, Polish and Taiwanese marking options
Stryker SHORAD
Militarized D6 dozer
TAM tank
M88A2 or M88A3
all 5 variants of the Armored Multi Purpose Vehicle
Ratal IFV
Romanian TR-85
Turkish Altay MBT
Mobile protected firepower (AKA Army’s new light tank)
M1074 Joint Assault Bridge System

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My youngest Grandson was a Ranger in Afghanistan, and he sent home some picks with a group of white Japanese pick up trucks behind him. We need some of those trucks and figures to go with them.

Let’s see if I can get lucky two years in a row. In 2022, I got three from my wish list. Here is my list for 2023, all in 1:35.

  • M41 155mm Howitzer Motor Carriage (US Korea) - Bronco announced one a couple of years ago
  • M44 155mm Howitzer Motor Carriage (US cold war) - no kit available in any media
  • M1 8-Inch Gun (US WW2) - no kit available in any media
  • M1906 4.7-Inch Gun (US WW1) - no kit available in any media
  • M1902 3-Inch Gun (US WW1) - no kit available in any media

Now, off to make an offering to the modeling gods…

A Bergepanzer III seeing as we have them for the Panther, Tiger, and Pz IV.

If you’re waiting for me to finish my resin conversion first so someone will get around to releasing one you will be waiting quite a bit longer.

Other than that I pretty much have all the German armor covered at this point other than a few of the Pz I & II minor variations.

Maybe a proper Sd.Kfz 251 ambulance version?

M113 C&R aka M113 1/2 (both Canadian and Dutch versions)
Israeli M50 Sherman
M119 105mm Howitzer
British Warthog
South African Buffel
M113G4DK EXT w/Add-On Armor [Danish M113G4DK ACS are already in service with the Defense Forces of Ukraine - Militarnyi]

Top of the wish list - stop regurgitation of subjects that have been covered more often than the Beatles ‘Yesterday’ song… Let’s see some stuff that is new, only available in resin, or significantly updates current offerings.

My Wish List

Ferret Armoured car and FV 721 Fox Armoured Car
FV 102 Striker ( and Sampson… and Sultan… and Spartan)
M113AS4 (Australian based M113 vehicle)
Sentinel Tank ( yes, I know, but I can still dream…)
M113 Armoured Logistics Vehicle - because who does not like a flat bed ute…:


VAB family of vehicles.

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Im still waiting for all the stuff on the other wishlist.

How about a 2S4 Tulip 240mm mortar?


My Wishlist:

1 - TAM VCA Palmaria
2 - FV433 Abbot
3 - EE-9 Cascavel
4 - AMX13 Mk.62
5 - Ward La France M1 and M1A1
6 - M5 High Speed Tractor
7 - Diamond T968
8 - Kaiser M715
9 - M74 Sherman ARV
10 - M992




Yes !! Perfect project for Trumpeter, they already have the hull.


There is a resin conversion kit (for those so inclined, not everyones favourite material …), sold as a complete set with the required Trumpeter hull


A new Tiger in 35th! :rofl:


Thanks, @Uncle-Heavy.
Did you change your user name or something?

I get all my Panzer Shop conversions from their vendor the big dumb auction platform- 10 or 11 day shipping from the Czech Republic to the east coast USA.

My only gripe about their kits is the CD instructions- no room on my bench for a laptop or a monitor so I print what I need.

Although Panzer Shop is head and shoulders instructions-wise above PSM because the Panzer Shop’s pictures are bigger…,

As a matter of fact, other than the weathering, and a few bits and pieces, I’m damn near finished with Pz Shop’s BAT-M conversion.


Yes, I changed the callsign. RobinNilsson felt a bit lame and since I’m an uncle and heavier (at 280 pounds + change) than my 6’7’’ brother (I’m only 6’4’') …
The name is also the temporary nickname used by a character in one of my favourite series of books.


Cold War subjects please [some have had resin versions]
M52 Self-propelled 105mm Howitzer
M55 8" SP Howitzer
M53 155mm SP Howitzer
new Skysweeper AA gun


There is a top five wish list thread for 2023

It seems my wishes will never appear, I have to imagine others

Gary, the M119 is available for Vargas Scale Models.

Actually that was originally the “Wish List for 2021” thread that was renamed back in August to the “Wish List for 2023” thread. I am going to revert it to the '21 wish list and move the posts since AUG to this one so we don’t have multi-year threads going.

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Very British focus for me:

  1. Challenger CrARRV (come on RFM, you have the chassis and you’ve done AEV’s before!)
  2. Chieftain ARV / ARRV (come on Meng or Takom, you have the chassis and you’ve done AEV’s before!)
  3. Centurion ARV (come on AFV Club, etc, etc…)
  4. Conqueror ARV Mk2 (Amusing Hobby, why not? You’ve done everything else you can, real and otherwise!)
  5. Ferret Scout Car Family (come on Gecko, right up your street!)
  6. More CVRT family members (GECKO, looking at you here again!!!)

For 2023 my wishlist all 1/35:

M923 series
HEMTT A4 series
CAT D7 or similar sized dozer
M915 A3+ series (Freightliner cab & Chassis)
Modern US fuel tank trailer

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