Wishlist for 2023

I’ve been waiting for any winterization kits for the M110 series. My old unit had the M110A1 , B Btry 2/83rd 41st Grp.

@Waldorf I suspect a very long wait for the M110 winterization kit as it was not that widely used. It would not be difficult to scratch. The Eduard PE set includes the driver’s windscreen. The canvas covers over the air intakes are easily made from tissue and white glue. The crew heater would not be difficult to scratch with various bits of Evergreen sheet, rod and square tube. The crew lights are available on Shapeways. The crew cover rods are bent from brass rod or Evergreen rod and covered with canvas made from tissue and white glue. The other items of the winterization kit were internal and not visible unless you are opening the engine compartment and battery box.

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I purchased the M123 tractor and M172 trailer. They are head and shoulders better than any resin I have ever built. I have the Dragon M60 AVLB and it includes both hulls for the A1 or A2 version hulls. The sole importer is Wanamaker Hobbies outside of Indianapolis.

1/35 MBT-70 in German and US versions
1/35 US m1297 ground mobility vehicle
1/35 German Fuchs wheeled APC series
1/35 German Marder 1A1, A3 and A5
1/35 US M1301 Infantry squad vehicle
1/35 German M3 self propelled/deployed mobile pontoon bridge, in plastic
1/35 German Armored engineering vehicle Dachs in plastic.
1/35 British Terrier combat engineering vehicle
1/35 Russian IMR-2 combat engineering vehicle
1/35 leopard 2 prototype with sloping turret armor
1/35 German Boxer, with more interesting modules than just APC or ambulance, such as 155 howitzer or Puma turret.

This guy…1/16 Secret Service Agent in Tactical Gear.

Time for resin figure makers to sculpt a totally modern tactical law enforcement figure with the correct tactical vest, sunglasses, radio, carbine, vest pouches, earpiece, wrist watch, sling, sneakers, baseball cap, etc. Can double as Private Military Contractor.


I bought the AFV M110 about a month ago, and they did it right. Now it’s time to kit the M107 and move onto the M578 wrecker. Still speaking of AFV; how about doing the 81mm and 4.2" mortar tracks with a good zippo to follow. Was really impressed with their M113 ACAV kit.