Wow you've got a great figure!

Good thought. I’ve got a bunch that require no assembly but otherwise would meet all requirements.


I will be making this SPG crew. Build with a base coat, so definitely less than 25% done. They have been laying around for some time. Now it is time to get them done :+1:t2:

I might also do some Star Wars legion figures as well if time allows.

More to follow. :slightly_smiling_face:


For at least this campaign, assembly of a figure is not a requirement as the genre lends itself that those type of kits.

I will start a separate thread in the Figure forum to discuss future campaign requirements as a community.


I’ve got another Alpine figure that I assembled and prepped before Christmas. All ready to paint now. Is that too far back?

Apologies for missing the question, those would be allowed for this campaign.


Until we as a community decide on what that limit should be on the future campaigns, it will be allowed for this one. :+1:


Great, thanks! :grinning:


As a community member for this first figure campaign build, I vote to allow any stage of completion. Allowing those single piece figures, as already mentioned above. RPG figures that just need painting and even those plastic ‘army men’ if that’s how a modeler wants to participate by just painting it/them.


Just as an observer here… The decision seems to be whether this is a figure painting campaign or construction and painting. As mentioned before some figures do not require any assembly. Vintage Stadden comes to mind. Those actually came fully assembled primed and attached to a thin metal base. Historex Napolionics on the other hand were quite an assembly project on their own.

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No apologies necessary. Thank you for allowing them. Pretty sure I will use the
figure preparing to load the flare gun and not the one in the greatcoat. Like I mentioned, I didn’t clean them up, fill gaps, etc. when I built them for the reviews and used a minimal amount of glue. So, he will be taken apart as much as possible and cleaned up and then I will start the assembly all over again and place the figure in a small vignette of some kind.

Thanks again,


In the end I think it is up to the campaign Leader to decide what can and cannot be included. Creating a consensus can be tiring and time consuming. Dare I mention the tank destroyer discussion :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:

I think the line put forward here is excellent. I support it :slightly_smiling_face:

Now let’s paint some plastic :wink:


Ah….karma returns to get me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t have an issue making a call and I do like the option to add started projects to a campaign as you can add more folks. For a traditional model kit, I feel it’s pretty “easy” to determine that 25% point traditionally used as the cutoff for campaigns. With figures, I am not as confident and since I have been a member on the new and old site I don’t think there has been a figure campaign to provide a point of reference.

If I am being honest, figures has been slow for the last few years with only news/reviews being the only threads posted. I might have joined after it’s glory days but I think the forum functions might have played into that as I have seen a much bigger spike in membership posting projects. :+1:

Back on track, since the figure genre itself can have kits that require no assembly whatsoever, that moves the goal posts and what 25% is in my opinion and opens the door to having a different metric for the genre that traditionally model kit have. I think we can find something that works for full figures or busts (a separate future campaign idea I am thinking about either 1/2 way through or after this one) for this community. I have started a separate thread to discuss more and hopefully help future campaign leaders Future campaign requirements


Okay, let’s go…


:hammer::hammer_and_wrench::hammer_and_pick::wrench:🪛🪚 :clamp: :pick::axe::microscope::alembic::paintbrush:


Ok, so figures are my dark place… Really not that good at them, or rather the painting… It’s a bit hit and miss. To that end, I’m going to jump into this one with one or 2 of the following…

I also have both boxes of the DML Fallschirmjäger tank riders so I may dig them out the garage and possible do one or 2 of those … Not really made my mind up yet…

They will more than likely be background builds as I do more armour but I hope to use this build as a learning curve and soak up as much help and guidance as possible on figure building and painting …:+1:


Ok lads, in keeping with the spirit of the campaign, which is sharing ideas, here’s a little tutorial. Now, we all like to display our completed figures on a nice hardwood base but, the cost of a solid base can be a bit off-putting. Here’s how to make a nice display base, in any size and wood for only a few quid.
All you need is a bit of any old lumber offcuts you have laying around and wood veneer offcuts, available on eBay very cheaply.

Cut the lumber core to the size you want and cut the veneers about 10mm bigger than the sides of the core.

You’re going to need clamps. I’ve got a couple of F-clamps I’ve used for years that do the job, also a couple of flat wood offcuts.

Now, apply wood glue to 2 of the core sides and place the cut veneers.

Get it all clamped up and leave it about an hour or so to dry.

This is halfway done.

Now, trim the edges and sand them flat. Repeat for the other sides.

The best thing I’ve found to get the edges straight is one of the wife’s emery boards. Finish off by sanding with progressively finer sandpaper and here’s what you end up with.

All that’s needed now is to finish it to your own taste. Wood dye, varnish or wax. This is what I use. It gives a great satin finish.

So, there you have it! Hardwood bases, in any type of wood, in any size for minimal cost.

Until next time Gents.


Welcome aboard John. I am a caveman when it comes to figures, I just like them and need to keep practicing with more projects.


Great SBS on bases. Thanks for the information. :+1:


Hi guys,
I did a little dry-fitting on the grab-handle crew today (positions 2 and 3). Seems like endless sorting through the limb graveyard to locate the right ones… or is it the left ones? 🪚🤔

This is the part where I’m reminded of how extremely delicate the AT Gun really is — breathing cautiously while handling it! :sweat_smile:

In order to get these poses as close as can be, having a paper reference image next to my workbench would be really nice. Since I don’t own a simple printer, I guess it’s time to visit the print shop. :printer: Ugh.

Til next time…


Working on this one, Belgian Airborn observer (early 80). Still some work to do, but the campaign is some motivation to continue.
The base is a Navy Seal - Vietnam war from Dragon, ore what is left of it, scale 1/16


after some scratching and modelling the state today.

Next put some basecoat on it, searching for the things I still have to approve.


And so it starts………

Couple of days off now, so I can get on with it.