Your FAVORITE kit of all time

So, I have asked this question on another forum, BUT I thought I would try it on for size here.
What is your favorite kit OF ALL TIME, past or present.
To start things off, mine would have to be Tamiya’s Panzer II Ausf F/G, circa the 1970’s.
It brings back the alure of what modeling was way back in the stone age.
For me this kit had it all, it wasn’t Aurora, Hawk, Monogram or ESCI, the instructions were clear and concise, it had extra figures, and the one I got for 5.50$ had the sandbags and fuel cans.

American made.

That panzer 2 was my second tank build,but the first one was an aurora 1/48 Sherman I did in 1970 while in AIT at fort Rucker that brings back memories

I have always liked Tamiya’s German Steyr Type 1500A Kommandeurwagen
sgl. Pkw Steyr Typ 1500A Tamiya | No. 35235 | 1:35

There is so much cool detail in this kit and typically Tamiya, it goes together like butter.


the Kamaz trucks from Zvezda. Never had a kit so well detailed yet so easy to build for a relatively low price. loved building mine so much i bought two more…


Mine would have to be the AirFix 1/24th scale Stuka that was my pride and joy as a kid.

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AMT’s Klingon Bird of Prey.
Built it about 20 years ago, remember it going together really well and very quickly. A lot of fun to paint and weather it to.
A very large and impressive looking model when completed.

Mines still over at my parents and I really should bring it home someday.

Would love to build another one, but they’re not that easy to come by these days.

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This is a very good question with helpful answers that I’m following closely.

Hard to nail it down to just one, but I have always enjoyed Tamiya’s Panzer III L or N. An easy fun build with no issues. I have built 3 of them. Other kits I really liked include Tamiya’s Jeep, Meng’s Mk A Whippet, and Academy’s Merkava IID

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I’ve always fancied having a go at Tamiya’s Panzer III. Do any of them have the parts and decals to do an Afrika Korps version?

The academy M1151 Uparmored Humvee is up there. Biggest upgrade from previous Humvee models available.

Easy to build and better details from OOB.

Everything just drops in perfectly.

Tamiya (L); Academy (M); Bronco (R).


It would have to be The Classic TIGER I in 1/35 scale by Tamiya.


Trumpeter 1/35 UAZ-469- accurate, precise, fun to build and paint.

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Phantom Phanatic Both the Tamiya Panzer III L and the N have marking options for North Africa. The L has markings for 10th Panzer division, and the N version has markings for the 15th Panzer Division in Tunisia 1943. I believe the L version came out in the very late 90’s, and the N came out a few years later, and is updated with a metal gun barrel, and photo etch grills for the engine. I have also recently built the Takom Panzer III M, but I prefer the Tamiya kit far more.

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Thanks mate, will have to keep a look out for one.

I guess the first kit I built seriously for the local hobby shop contest (Hobby Hut in Lodi, CA): Monogram 1/48 P-39 Airacobra. Weathered it and everything. Got 3rd Place.

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Tamiya is tagged so my favorite Tamiya kit that I’ve built would be the J.G.S.D.F. Type 74–132546

Fell in love with the fabric wing detail of this kit.

Man, there are some pretty awesome nominations. Thanks to all for sharing.
My number two selection, would be Monograms 1/48th scale TBD Devastator. With Shep Paine’s diorama sheet. Later in life I got to pick his brain about his work.
Thanks again

Hasegawa 1/350 Akagi for all of its size and amount of parts,it went together very nicely.One of my favorite looking ships.

Any of the Dragon Tigers I have built

Tamiya 1/48 Tomcat

Just impossible to narrow down,so many more besides these