Your figure just keeps improving!

Your gargarimthis just keeps improving!

The creature now has mouth parts, a prehensile lower lip, and complete throat. The tail paddles also increased in size.

The distant ancestors of the gargarimthis were probably very similar to hag fish and lampreys. Over time, the lower lip of those animals evolved into a lure. Much later, the lower lip hyper extended and strengthened to become a manipulating appendage, much like the trunk of an elephant. The appendage has three distinct lobes with one opposable. A gargarimthis uses this appendage to gather food and bring it up to the mouth in the same manner as an elephant. A small piece of wire imbedded inside the feeding appendage kept it in the proper position while the putty dried. The wire extends deep into the mouth cavity for strength. From here on, not damaging the appendage will become a challenge.

The mouth points down. The creature lacks a jaw. Instead, bony plates lining the sides of the mouth cavity crush and grind with radial muscle contractions. The outer lips of the mouth protect the inner lips. When feeding or hungry, the creature exposes the inner lips in anticipation of food. Given the position of the feeding appendage and mouth state, this creature may be feeding.

The two small eyes along the edge of the hood were also finished. This represents the limits of my sculpting ability. I simply cannot see well enough to sculpt anything smaller.

The tails now have much larger paddle counter balances. As the head becomes heavier, the rear body and tails also need to become heavier. This presents the animal with something of a problem. If the tail paddles become too heavy, the animal will need to expend a great deal of metabolic energy to keep them off the ground. The tails may have an internal bracing system that forces them to remain in the level or higher position, thus transferring the load to the very large hind muscles.

The two wires located just behind the main eye will become display structures. Their position keeps changing because the stupid things keep tearing my gloves.

The creature now needs cheeks, for chewing the cud, and a much deeper chest, for food processing and to shift the center of gravity further aft of the head.