Your figure just keeps improving!

The gargarimthis can now breath!

Sculpting is both an additive and subtractive process. Various parts of the creature were sanded including the edges of the hood, the eyes, and the tails, to make them more delicate. Sculpting a perfectly tapering cone is almost impossible. However, by over sculpting something like a tail, then sanding it back, near perfect curvature and tapering can be achieved.

The back of the hood now includes the upper surface of the neck and a series of orifices through which the creature breaths. The neck now smoothly transitions into the body and a third, stubby tail is now apparent.

Since this animal needs to process a lot of food each day, the chest and bony keel were greatly enlarged. This also helps counter balance weight added to the head. Sculptors try to provide painters with lots of extra little details. The chevrons on the front of the chest where added for this purpose.