Zvezda Sherman M4A3(76)W

Unfortunately I had the other one already placed, but I could remove it with microsol.

What do you think about putting the spare circled star instead?

Anyway, your suggestion to create a “stencil” is growing on me, I can try it on the underside and see what happens.
Luckily, I had the decal sheet scanned before using it so I can easily print it. I was even thinking of buying some A4 decal sheets to print it again, but I really don’t know which brand would make fine modeling decals.

I don’t personally recall too many Shermans w the circle and star so personally I would steer clear unless I had a specific example I was modeling. I’d stick to the solo star.

Not that it helps now, but if a decal doesn’t move with minimal effort then it isn’t ready to be applied. In those cases flood the decal with water using a wet and clean paint brush. After flooding let it sit for a minute or so and try moving it again. Never dip decals in the water more than once. If they are close to lifting and you dip them the water can lift the decal off the paper and float it into the water creating a mess

Decaling is easily one of my least favorite things to do. I am not great at reducing silvering/decal edges. I spray most large markings now

Well, the problem solved by itself, the other star I had applied broke down while I was building a masking tape stencil. Apparently a very tiny part of the tape (Tamiya, not regular tape) caught it and when I removed the mask it broke down.
It also left a huge mess, I tried to fix it with paint and made a bigger mess, so I came to the point where I had to strip clean the whole sides.
It was a nightmare.

I swear I’ll never be anywhere near a decal until it’s sealed with gloss.
I also think that part of this happened because microset made them so frail.
I wonder what I did wrong.

Funny part is that I screwed up the two easiest decals of the kit, while the hardest one (lower hull, covering details) when fine.

Yep, that’s usually the way it works.
Once you have the sides all cleaned up and repainted, you have two choices. You can try to add the stars again, if you have any left. Or you can just leave them off. Both choices work.

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You can still find Archer dry transfers for the US stars, there’s a set that even gives you the choice of using a stencil if you want to airbrush the star in rather than the transfer.

Archer 1/35 US National Insignia Stars Sherman Tank (White) (for 1 tank) AR35504 | eBay


I could make circut masks for you and mail
Them if you want?

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Thanks everybody, but at this point I’d rather leave it without stars, I already got them on front, turret and rear.

To be frank, I grew sick of this kit and I just want to move to the next, unlike the previous ones I incurred into so much issues.

Now I got to re-paint the sides, re-gloss them, applying the rest of the decals (they added the tiny plate numbers separately, which while very cool for customization, makes for some frustrating work) and then I’ll pin wash.

Happens to me a lot, and I suspect others too. I usually put the offending model away for a while and work on something else.

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