1/48 ICM Junkers 88 A-5 Build

Hello, this is my new project, following on from the Mosquito FB Mk IV.

This is ICM’s (fairly old now) 1/48 Junkers 88 A-5. Purely co-inicdentally, ICM is a Ukranian company I believe, so this is also my contribution to their war economy.

Its a good size box and sturdy. However, the lid has an interference fit and is impossible to remove without some tearing to the sides of it (well, I found it impossible anyway). Inside is another box (a box within a box) made from sturdy cardboard. My only criticism would be that all the sprues are held within one sealable plasic bag, so this is not helpful when switching between sprues during construction, as you have to get them all out and lay them out unless you want to be delving into the bag all the time, risking inadvertent part removal (i’ve already knocked two off).

The parts are nicely molded with mainly crisp detail, some flashing is apparent, but it isn’t a lot.

I went with Eduard’s interior (mainly for the cockpit instrumentation), exterior kit (mainly for the engine and landing gear detail) and Eduard SUPERFABRIC seatbelts (these were a revelation). Oh, and i went for a set of Eduard’s weighted resin main landing gear wheels.

Stuff i’m not looking forward to - this thing was a flying greenhouse, so lots of masking work on the transparencies (I also have an Eduard Mask Set for this).

I will be building this one, France 1940 (so Battle of Britain era).


So, this isn’t going to be step-by-step, none of mine are.

Cockpit went together quite well. The addition of the Eduard interior set makes a huge difference to the appearance. It is lovely detail.

Interior was painted Mig Satin Black with an overspray of RLM 66 from Vallejo. Dry brushed with Mig Light Grey Highlight and then with Mig Polished Metal.


The front forward lower transparencies were disappointing.

The way they are attached to the sprue and the thickness of the sprue attachment points means you’re left with ugly and obvious blemishes on the one place you don’t want them, on the bottom horozontal edge. This will mate with the lower fuselage later so it remains to be seen how obvious this will be.

Perhaps it is this kit showing its age? Still, not bad all together.

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So this is the Flight Engineer/Front gunner’s seat.

Nothing remarkable about this but for the fact I have discovered Eduard’s SUPERFABRIC seat belts.

OMG, where have you been all my life while I wrestled with stiff PE, hopelesslely bent thin PE and broke my heart with seatbelt decals…

These are just lovely, and even have some raised detail on the buckles and shackles. You simply peel them off the backing (they are very slightly self-adhesive) and secure using Micro Krystal Clear.

I’m converted, the result is really nice and took about 5 minutes.


Great looking interior to your Ju 88. That seat belt does look good :smile:

I’ll be watching this one Roly - I would like to build this kit myself in B o B markings.