Amusing Hobby ARL44

This is my entry for this campaign. I’ll go deeper in the details of the build than in the main thread.

The kit is huge despite a low parts count. You got only 4 beige plastic sprues, 1 hull, 160 workable tracklinks, 1 photoetch sheet,1 decal sheet and a length of thread for the cable.
The instructions come in a 12-page booklet. The assembly is divided into 15 steps.
Two decoration options are given by Amusing Hobby with Ammo Mig paint references. However the decals offer a third option.
The instructions are clear even though the exhaust assembly step is daunting at first.

In my sample two parts were damaged. I decided to glue them back while still on the sprue.

Some parts present ejection pin marks. The only ones I found having them ill placed are the front parts of the sponson. However there are easily fixed.

The hull itself is a nice piece of molding. You only have to add the rear plate and the floor.

Step 1 concerns the assembly of the track rollers.18 of them are needed on each side. 16 are held by small lugs so you need to be careful when you assemble the both sides.

At step 2 you have to assemble rollers on top of the sponson. There are 2 sub-assemblies A and B. To be honest I have’t found any difference between part A15 and A14 and still don’t know why there are different.

At step 3 the hull and track rollers are assembled.

At step 4 the drive sprockets are added. To glue the both parts together you need to remove some plastic of the inner tube in which the shaft is inserted. The sprockets are mobile provided you don’t glue the hub cover to the sprockets but to the shaft end only. This is not an issue for the moment. However when the tracks are in place I’ll glue the cover to the sprocket with the right alignment.



That does look a bit big lol… Never heard of it before so will be watching this as well :+1:

What a beast! How very cool.

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I think this might just inspire me to finish my oh-so-nearly-completed one; I had a minor mishap when I accidentally snapped off the antenna. Could I get started again? Nope - not for something like a year. Something apposite will be on my gravestone I’m sure.

How about this:
‘Here is the final resting place of a compulsive
starter, now he has finally finished something’
:innocent: :grin:


Now that is clever! Brilliant.

Glad you liked it!
:+1: :smiley:

At least you start something,
I haven’t started anything the last 12 months …

God, how ugly he is !! :grinning:Good luck in work! :+1:

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Wow, That does look like a beast Olivier.

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How dare you ? This is a magnificent piece of art. :laughing:
It looks like the child of a B1 bis and a Tiger 2.

3 more steps completed today.
The exhaust assembly looks daunting on the instructions but comes easily in fact. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the direction of parts A14. On one side there are tiny flat rectangles which help hold the both parts together when they are glued according to the instructions. I noticed that it was easier to glue the lower part to one frame then add the upper part and then only glue the second frame.
In the end you have a strange looking exhaust.

Here is the step 7 result.

It really is a smooth build so far.


That is a really odd exhaust!
No doubt about it.

More like a mix of B1 and Churchill! :grin:Go on!

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More progress on the hull which is 98% complete. I still have to decide whether or not I glue the tools prior to painting the whole thing.

The driver and the radio/MG gunner hatches are a bit tricky to install. Amusing Hobby tells you to assemble the two parts of the hatch and then install the sub-assembly. This can prove difficult as there is a groove in which the rotating part is supposed to be inserted. So I decided to glue the squarish part of the hatch first and then to have the rotating part pivoting as on the actual vehicle.

Then I tackled the engine deck as per the instructions at steps 8 and 9 which was a piece of cake. You’d better glue the gun cleaning rods first so it is easier. The PE grilles perfectly fit into their locations.



Lovely work Olivier, it’s an unusual kit so it’s great to see you do it justice :+1:

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The ARL is getting dirty, a little bit. The turret sides need some streaking to break the monotony of the green. I’ll try to keep a light hand though as I don’t want to overdo it. Those tanks did not last long. Their service life didn’t exceed 2 years.

I will add the registration plates. Amusing Hobby only gives you one option which isn’t even described in the instructions nor on the boxart.



I have added more dust all over the tank. Not much though as I didn’t want to show it just after some training session in the field but just like if it has rolled on one of the dusty lanes in Mourmelon army base. The chalky dust is depicted with diluted XF-57 buff and XF-60 dark yellow to give more color diversity.

I call this one done. This was a fun and quick build. To be honest I didn’t anticipated such a quick build.

I highly recommend this kit and I’m not affiliated to Amusing Hobby at all. :wink:


Looks great. Quite a quick build for such a large tank. :wave:

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The one part hull helps a lot for a quick build. Even the tracks are quick to assemble.


Bonjour, pour info, il y en à un au musée des blindés de Saumur, amitié.

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