Andy's Hobby HQ 1/16 Early Tiger


You know I’ve always enjoyed your insight, and advice on what to do and not to do. I certainly applaud you for this!

Now as John Wayne would say; “lets get to the rat killing!” For many years we all chased the elusive African Tiger. I saw them on Ebay for $200 several times (just nuts!). Then out of nowhere RFM came out with an early Tiger. You pointed out the ups & downs with the kit, but it wasn’t all gloom and doom. You told me what and how to fix it’s glitches, and I ran out and bought three of them. That $40 kit (at the time) was a true gift from above. I thank you one more time! I’ve since bought about six or eight more RFM Tigers in various forms (I still want a couple “mid Tigers.”) What RFM did was give us excellent starting points and yet affordable. Plus it made the others up their game plan. Yet you keep plugging away with each new Tiger sending out eons of help in the process. I take it this way; if they don’t like what you say, then build it out of the box.

You’re alright in my book


Well, it has started!
Fibelworks Tiger I Initial/Early Detail Parts | Armorama™

That is for the older Hobby Boss kit (not a well thought of kit), not Andy’s so i would not be too quick to jup on that ship.

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Hey at the time the Hobby Boss Tiger I was the only large scale Tiger available.
Shure it wasn’t accurate but with a little work it cold be built reasonably.

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