Convoy! Part 2

By the way, SW finally finished processing the hubs as a product for sale: PanzerArt-adaptors for CCKW wheels (4RM77CUE3) by barkingdigger

I love the way they say “changes will take a few minutes” and then it takes a whole day!


OK, jumping in on this one. Don’t do to many wheeled things, so I am doing two at once:

Here is the chassis of the AFV Club kit:

I forgot to do WIP photos of the chassis. But I did take photos of some of the punch pin marks and sink holes I had to fix! You can see some of them, plus a full run-down of this adventure, Here:
A Dandy Duo of Deuces - Armor/AFV - KitMaker Network


That’s looking good!

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IBG 1/35 Chevrolet C15A Lorry Cab 13 + Peerless Max Chevrolet C15A Lorry Cab 12 - Day 10 (11)

Day 8 was spent building Cab 12 for the Peerless Max lorry. Once again, I encountered many fit problems. Some of these problems required surgery to fix. Then, after hours of careful assembly, while adding the very last cab part, I realized it was all wrong. Cab 12 was torn apart, damaging yet more parts. The second attempt at assembly, including rebuilding things carved away earlier, proved successful. As with Cab 13, Cab 12 is now kinda borked. Maybe it will look better with some putty work and sanding. :disappointed:

Day 9 was spent building a bed out of sheet stock for the Peerless Max lorry. This went well.

All inside surfaces of the canvas cover require extensive sanding to remove mold lines. It took approximately two hours to remove most of them. The model designer cheated on the cover. The inner walls of the truck bed should show inside the part. They do not. Adding this detail, which definitely shows, will require many more hours of work. Yay. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Day 10 was spend making boxes and crates for both lorries to carry. What you see here took over 8 hours to make. The three boxes on the right are incomplete. What do these boxes contain? Who knows! Trucks look better with stuff in their beds so…boxes and crates.


Wow! several projects already off and running!

Not as much of a quick start for me - I wasn’t sure of what to build, but thanks to the internet I came up with an idea:

Yes, to build a “floater” - ahh, of course… :thinking: what is a floater? well, I didn’t know that these were called that - tho I have seen them before, in agricultural areas. It turns out they are two wheel drive trucks with bed mounted sprayers or spreaders, used to fertilize large areas. The high float tires, have less impact on the ground surface than normal tires, so I suppose are less prone to compacting tilled soil as they drive over it than would be the case with normal, smaller tires - ahhh, yes coming from the expert voice of someone who knows nothing about mechanized, or any other type of agriculture!

And why this particular vehicle?

Well, I’ve had this AMT kit in the stash for a long time, and didn’t have much interest in building it. So I searched for “Ford LN 8000” on line, and here we are - making this viable, well, my junkbox collection of 1/32 and 1/24 scale tires…of course.

I found myself almost out of evergreen, so have reordered, and in the mean time have made progress on other things:

This will eventually get a lot of scratchwork, but for now, the relatively easy, but very important stuff is done, specifically shortening the chassis and getting those giant tires to attach to the front and rear axles.

As you can see in the example pictures above, the truck’s rear tires are larger in diameter than the fronts, and happily my assortment of unused tires solved that. I decided to use the kit’s solid front axle, like the actual trucks, which in turn set the relative width of the rear axle - ok, too much coffee here, so, in short, the axles/hubs/spindles and so forth are now done. The steering is posable.

When I get more styrene I’ll build up the leaf spring packs and hangers -

OK, I feel better now - no more coffee for a while -



Wow - another great kitbash/scratch-build there Nick! Looking forward to seeing it progress…



When you spread the weight of the truck over more area on the tires you effectively lower its weight per area of surface. If you had 40 pounds sitting on a square foot of area you have 40 per square foot. Make it four square feet and now you have 10 pounds on that square foot, essentially. That’s why fat tires are better than thin tires in sand, and track is better than wheels in sand. Build a vehicle no higher than an inch but really wide and deep and you could practically float across the desert, but a tank built like a dryer sheet isn’t very useful.


IBG 1/35 Chevrolet C15A Lorry Cab 13 + Peerless Max 1/35 Chevrolet C15A Lorry Cab 12 - Day 14 (15)

As you can see, I am now very close to having two complete C15A lorries.

The IBG Cab 13 model is essentially ready for paint.

The Peerless Max Cab 12 model has proven a far more difficult project than anticipated for three reasons. As mentioned in my previous update, there is no bed detail inside the canvas cover part. Fabricating the three missing inner panels is a fairly big job. Second, the Peerless Max model is less complete than I thought. Third, though built on the same frame, gun tractors and lorries have some significant differences. Just today, I discovered another one–gun tractors have much bigger tires! Grafting the two together adds another degree of complication.

In hindsight, resurrecting the Peerless Max gun tractor and converting it into a lorry was a bit of a fool’s errand. In the time required to fabricate dozens of parts from scratch, I could have built and painted a super duper modern model. Lorries with gun tractor frames may not be a thing. In defense of the project, I will be a better model builder for the effort.

Making crates, chests, and random pieces of junk for the load proved a good learning exercise. The open bed model may end up fairly colorful. :slightly_smiling_face:


As you say, you’re a better modeller having picked up new skills! And of course you have the satisfaction of knowing what you’ve achieved, which is more than can be said if you just shook the box on a modern-tooled kit…

BTW the results look stunning! Can’t wait to see them with paint.


I’ll jump onboard. What the heck. Plan will be to do this Monogram 1/32 Mack R600 & tank trailer.

However, I won’t be using the RM Universal Petroleum stickers that come in the kit but Chemical Leaman decals from Model Truckin’.



Now that looks cool!

A few in progress shots of the trucks; the Bandai truck:

A trailer for the Bandai truck:

The AFV Club truck:

The instrument panel from both:

These were done using 3D printed decals, they’re not just for aircraft!


Ken, your builds are nothing short of heroic!

As for me, I got an itch this weekend and started yet another kit - this one’s gonna be special! Anyone care to guess?..


Wouldn’t it be fun if there was a second pic, showing all the jerrycans stuck all over the front of that truck?

“ Jee sarge, thats a strong magnet!”


Had to go back and look at the picture and then commenced to chuckle.