Hangar Queen 11

In keeping with tradition, this being January 1st marks the start to the Hangar Queen 11 Campaign. This campaign should run until December 31st of 2021. Post your campaign related discussion and pictures here. A great place to wrap up those birds needing a place up front on the shelf! Since I’ve no clue how to make this official, I’ll leave it to the powers that be, and we can clean up the introduction. Till then, have fun!

Decisions, decisions, decisions. My old signature block had a list of my hanger queens. And there wasn’t enough space for all of them. :roll_eyes: I’m not sure the two I finished last year were even on that list.
Monogram 1/72 F8F-1
Corsair the Sky Pirate - 1/72 Ace A-7D
Century Series - Airfix 1/72 F-105G
Anti Shipping - Academy 1/72 PBJ-1D
Academy 1/72 F-84E
Nope not on that list. Ouch the actual list is 19 airplanes, 4 armor and 3 ships.
Maybe the Corsair II, it’s farthest along. It was in the paint shop before it got packed away. And I have another Corsair, A-7A on the bench. Might be nice to have a pair of them this year. :wave:

I’m in. My New Year’s resolution is to not start any new models until I finish some shelf queens.
I’ll probably try to finish the 1/72 Hasegawa Ki-84 I was working on for the Radial Engine Fighters campaign.
Take care and stay safe friends,
Don “Lakota”

Thanks for keeping on this John! I know we all have projects that would fit in here, so let’s get those shelves of doom cleared out a little more.

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

I am on for this one! Not sure with what yet - But there is plenty to choose from :zipper_mouth_face:

PS. I guess it runs to 31st dec 2021, not 2022?

Hello guys,

i’m back in businness. New forum, new profile name ! I was rhinospit alias franck on the old forum.

i’ve stopped modelling in august due to a wave heat, new job and of course the pandemic.

Due to stress and new responsability in my job, i’ve lost my mojo. And if it was enough, 2020 ended tragically: my father died of covid and i contracted it starting november.

So, now new year, new start !

i’m in for this campaign and i submit my build started for the IDF campaign last year: velveta special edition from eduard:

and i’ve opted for this scheme


Oops! You’re so right! I really meant 2021.

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Welcome back! I’m truly sorry for your loss. I’ll be optimistic in the hopes that you are doing better, and may this year be a good one. You’re bird looks pretty darned cool, and you’ve made some great headway on it. Do keep with it!

I too did a little walk away from the hobby, mostly due to distractions with all that’s going on in the world, and the roll out of the new forum, which I think I unfairly blamed everything on! As I dabble on it, it’s not that bad, and in some respects better, though I do miss the little things like the campaign ribbons. I’m sure that we’ll figure this out in time.

The wife says I babble too much, and don’t tell her, but she’s most likely right! I began Trumpeter’s 1/48 Vigilante for the “Boys on the Postage Stamps” campaign. I knew going in that this build would be a lulu, and it was. If you want a Vigilante in this scale it’s the only game in town, and you really need to want it! I did, and I got to expand my modeling skills even more. At times I asked myself why, and went back to the “Oh yeah, I really want this on the shelf!”. There is no nice way to say it, but this is a very difficult kit, that leaves (at least me) asking when will this end. I slugged through, picked up some nice ejection seats and tossed them in, a set of decals that looked great in the package, but did their best to shatter at the wrong look. This kit now holds “Worst ever” in my book, and unless someone pays me a great amount of money, I won’t do it again. Ha ha ha, still I wanted it, and it looks the part, but what a journey.

And after uploading these pics, I realize that the mask on the windscreen remains, it just doesn’t end!! I’ll fix it, and move on. I learned a lot on this build, and I feel good about getting it done.

So, remember during these trying times, we can get a project done and take a little time-out. Dust off the Queens!!

Great to have you back. Sorry for your loss. Hope 2021 will be better for all of us.

Good luck with the Spitfire :+1:t2:

Hello all.

Since I dropped the ball on my Battle of Britian Spitfire :see_no_evil: build I will bring it over to this campaign to finish up.


Here is my entry… I try to make this kit for a campaign… and its not finished!!!
02 by Shaky962, en Flickr

Well I failed to get my Italeri Me262 B-1a/U1 across the line for Hangar Queens 10, so it can just roll over into HQ11!

We basically finished 2020 in primer.

Cheers, D


Here or in the open forum entries, I’ll post in both.

DSC00608 (Small)

DSC00629 (Small)

More soon.


Trying to blast thru the decals tonight and then weather.


Great builds for this campaign, guys.

Damian, good to see you in this campaign. Keep rolling that storm bird in the hangar queen campaigns - eventually it will get finished :wink: :zipper_mouth_face: :grinning:

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Well I am going to end this build. This was supposed to be a model just to test doing panel washes. So it came out better than I though it would. but I had the decals silver on me and I lost the gear for wheels up flight. So it sits on landing gear until I get that figured out. Eventually I will try doing some chipping on it. Quite a few flaws. But I can carry some learned knowledge forward for the B 17 build.



DSC00676 (Small)

Full blog is up as well. Thanks Everyone.


Beautiful beast, Barnes! Congrats on finishing! :slightly_smiling_face:

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