Helicopter Campaign No:3

Time to catch up with everyone’s posts.

Klaus-Adler, thanks for the encouraging words. Yes, sanding is a chore, but a necessary one.

B-17-peter, thanks for the compliment and advise. Yes, old decals are iffy at best.

hudson29, thank you, sir. I have a nostalgic zeal for vintage kits.

Gary_Kato, Cool. Does the Micro Mask work well???

All for now my fellow plastic builders. Keep having fun.

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Update time for my Sea King.

Sanding is done. Major components are affixed.

Sliding door works. Will need to paint and decal, then open back up.

Starting assembly on the main rotor blades.

Main rotor is done. It’s a big one.

Tail rotor done. The cap piece was very fiddly work.

Base coat painting done. I liked the dark blue scheme best.

The white nose and sponson accents were free handed.

And the yellow tail flash gives my bird a striking appearance.

Das ist alles!!! Thanks for viewing. Comments and suggestions are always welcomed.


That looks great! Which figure did you use?

Added the rest of the windows to the AH-6. This is the first time I’ve used Micro Mask. Since all the the clear parts have no solid braces, it’s ok to slather the Micro Mask on. Easy to use but sometimes it seems to gather more in lower areas.


I’ll be curious to see how the Micro-Mask works out. I know i had some years ago and tried to do some wheel wells with it but it would not come off. Possibly I waited too long to try to remove it . . .


I finished the Bell 47/H-13 for this campaign but thought it would be fun to build this Trumpeter Mi-4 Hound that arrived recently. Its such a great model that I couldn’t resist starting it.



It has a complete interior and a very nice engine although little or nothing will be seen of that! Here are a few more snaps



wow that’s a really nice looking kit. please keep posting your build progress as i would like to see how it goes together.

Yes, I’ll have more pictures in a few days. This kit has great detail & the fit has been excellent so far. Many parts are “keyed” rather than just having locating pins so the orientation is easier to determine.

I’m wishing that they had provided PE grills on the engine cowlings to see the engine which is a little gem. Pictures of the real Mi-4s show the motor through these grills.

An oddity is that there seems to be no provision for locating the side door or the rear clamshell doors open. I’m not sure how to approach this yet. This wonderful interior just begs to be opened up to show itself off.

There is a mask set & an Eduard color PE cockpit set for this kit that should make a real difference as the cockpit doors can be posed open to really see everything there…



Folding blades and paint, to the next Wessex hu5.


i have the italeri kit and i so want to build it right now but i can’t as work is ramping up for Christmas. you’ve done a fantastic job on that paint work mate.

Great job so far, Bill! I like the color scheme very much :ok_hand:
Peter :raising_hand_man:

After much frustration, the cockpit had been glued in.


I love that Wessex! It makes me keen to do the H-34 again.

I got a bit of work done on the Mi-4 Hound. The motor is a little jewel, too bad almost none of it will be visable once installed. I’ll take some pics to remember it.

The Eduard 3D decal set requires that the kit detail be sanded off, too bad as its nice!

Here are some parts getting some work done.

The exhaust is very nice with a nice scale thickness to the tips.

Some of the engine parts.

Rotors will have a lighter grey leading edge.



Looking very nice. Cockpit will be gleaming once those decals are added.

Micro Mask reapplied to the starboard windows and glued them in place. Next comes the long-awaited joining of the fuselage halves.