Hot Out of the Molds 2023

Nice stuff coming along here, guys.
@hudson29, @michaelsatin - great progress,Paul’s tank looks superb already and cockpit of P40 is really packed with all stuff nicely.
@SGTJKJ , @FlyingSauerkraut intrresting joices, good luck!

As for my FW190 - it was put aside for a while because other stuff on final and actually I broke few pieces already and was a little pissed of my carelessness and IBG’s instructions… if I didn’t mention that already - don’t assemble guns when instruction tells you to do so… oh wait… I did tell it already :sweat_smile:.

Wirh broken guns or not, it’s back on workbench.
I made few corrections here and there, primed it with black. After maebling with white I sprayed Hataka Orange colours of camouflage, that would be:
C038 RLM76 Light Blue
C020 RLM82 Light Green
C022 RLM83 Dark Green

All colours lightened with few drops of white C101 Traffic White.

Mottling was a nightmare to do on such small model, especially when my airbrush started spitting paint a little on low pressure ( it might be I have some moisture cumulated in compressor tank, I’ll have to check it during weekend), but I like the result so far. Next gloss varnish and decals.

Current state:


Good progress, Radek, and good luck for the finish stage!

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Nice progress, Radek. Nice faded look to the camo.

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A bit of progress at a club night :slightly_smiling_face:

More to follow.