M2/M3 Bradley Reference

Oh; I am definitely buying this one when it becomes available.

More Ukranian M2A2 ODS-SAs with ERA tiles and BC shields. Thanks to @Frenchy for the pics.

The last one looks to be overall sand, or covered in mud? I think sand since you can read the warning label on the front of the GPS covers on the turret.



Initially looking at the upcoming Model Factory M2A2 ODS-SA, it looks pretty easy to backdate it to a new-build M2A2 ODS from the late '90s to about 2008ish. By that time, most units had switched to M2A3s. From just the pics, if you leave off the Driver’s Viewer camera parts on the front slope and some of the bars protecting the driver’s hatch, it becomes a standard, new build M2A2 ODS. You would also need to backdate the tracks to T157I “Bigfoot” tracks and sprockets as well.

The areas in red are what need attention. The Driver’s Viewer camera is in the circle. The raised bars around the drivers hatch (red lines) need to be removed. The anti-foul bar to the left side of the hatch (green T) needs to stay, but be mounted on the hull, not the raised bar. The rest looks good.


Check here for more info on Bradley types:

For an interior, you could use either a modified/updated Tamiya M2 interior with individual seating or later bench seating, depending on when you are depicting it from.

For interior references, check here:

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We seriously need a model of all 4 variants of the AMPV

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I found a great new T-161 track set for modern Bradley’s. Jacques Duquet sells them on eBay. He previously offered a full running gear set with new roadwheels, shocks, etc. and a few other Bradley detail sets. He is now doing T-161 tracks for Tamiya and Meng Bradleys.

His eBay site: 1/35 | eBay

I just purchased the Meng set and they look great. They have open center guide teeth and are printed as length-and-link tracks. The links that go around the sprocket and idler have angled end connectors and center guide teeth as well. He also includes the front sprocket and rear idler.

This is the T-161s for Tamiya Brads.

I highly recommend them.


DN Models out of Bulgaria has announced a set of digital camo masks for Ukranian M2A2 ODS-SA Bradleys.


M7A2 ODS-SA BFIST seen in Ukraine as well.


It can be built using the Magic Factory M2A2 ODS-SA and the @Model_Monkey BFIST Targeting Box.


1/35 M3A3 and M7A3 Bradley Fire Support Team “BFIST” Vehicle Sensor Box | Model Monkey (model-monkey.com)


Some more info on the new M2A4 Bradley variants as they are now being fielded.

“The Army has started delivering the latest variant M2A4 Bradley IFVs to 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Stewart.”

They look pretty much the same as an M2A3 externally, with a few additions on the hull. As noted at the below link, most of the differences are to the engine, suspension, and other systems.

M2/M3 Bradley Reference - M2A4 Testing Post

Major external changes are all on the hull and include an undisclosed sensor box (?) on the right front of the hull (1), a 3-lens panoramic Drivers Enhanced Viewer (DEV) camera (2), beefed up towing points (3), and a few added armor panels on the hull rear. They also come with T-161 tracks as standard equipment. All of these have been captured well on the Magic Factory M2A4 IFV 3-in-1 kit.

Here you can see the beefier tow points on the rear (1) and one of the new hull armor plates (2).

Internally, they appear to be the same as an M2A3 as well. You can just make out the individual blast resistant seats in this pic.

Full interior pic here, yup, same as an A3 version. I test fit the Meng M2A3 interior parts and they slide right in, no issues. I plan on building one w/the Meng interior in it.

One difference I did notice is a different generator in the engine compartment.

The M7A4 BFIST is also being fielded alongside the M2A4. It has the same external features, with the addition of the Targeting Box in place of the TOW launcher on a standard Bardley.


It also appears the M7A4 has a different interior set-up as compared to earlier BFISTs. It looks like the computer station has been made smaller and is on the right sidewall, as opposed to the earlier setup of it facing to the front (operator facing the rear) on the right side. I can’t tell what type or where the operator’s seat is either. It looks like it might fold up. I wish I could find better pics, but this is it so far.


Take a trip to Fort Cavazos. You’ll find plenty there.

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Yup, they are at most heavy posts now, Ft Stewart too. However, I am not near any and have no trips planned to them in the near future. I’ll keep looking for what others have taken for a while.

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This Ukrainian one popped up in Twitter.

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Where’s the gun.

Vehicle optics look jacked up as well…

Someone could be using it for a totally legal muzzle loaded 25 mm cannon.

I wonder if that “undisclosed sensor box” could be an infra-red illuminator. Sure, IR light will show up on thermal viewers, but it will also indicate where the Friendlies are (in case of GPS and Blue Force Tracking jamming) and could probably be used as Morse Code and also as a driver’s night vision aid. This is just my guess as the M1A2SEP had it…that thin black rectangle that no one wants to talk about.

This is a 20-inch double-row LED IR illuminator headlight mounted on a HMMWV. Photo for reference purposes only.


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That’s one of those KITT lights! They’re turning all the driving over to AI!

Also, that Bradley has no headlights.

Ah, yes they do.

I said THAT Bradley has no headlights, referring to the Ukranian one shown above. The white-light headlights are missing.

OK, either way though, the black sensor on the front of the new A4 version is not a light bar.

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Jacques has some more 3D printed update sets, and more track sets available now.

NEWS: 1/35 3D Printed Bradley update sets - Armor/AFV / Modern - KitMaker Network