M60/A1/A3 in IDF Service Reference Thread

Definitely get this over the Mk3 for an OOB build. Way easier to do!

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Cheers, Thats pretty decent review … think that one is coming my way … may see if its at the Yeovil show next month or Mr Bezos can deliver it lol

What I really want is the Merkava ARV. HobbyBoss do a version, but its pretty crap in the areas it shouldn’t be - like the HIAB for example.

Lets hope it actually enters service and someone then produces a better kit.

The Hobbyboss kit is a prototype, there were a couple I think.

The vehicle that has entered service is the Namer Aqhzaka which is magnificent beast




That would be cool to get in kit form… And the CRARRV if they ever do it …

I may have to look for this book


IDF ARMOR SERIES - No.27 ARV & WRECKERS in IDF Service Part 1 | eBay

This is where I’ve gotten all my “IDF Amor Series” books from.

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Good lookin out :beer:

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Lets get back to the Gal Batash turret details.

There are two weapon mounts on the turret but their position has changed over time.

At first they were in front of the loader’s hatch

But later they were moved, one on the left side of the loader’s hatch

And one on the right rear side of the commander’s cupola

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Do the crew weapons have covers or just straight fits into the racks ?

No covers.


I finished working on the belly armor, I think I spent too much time on something that will not be visible but I feel much better now that it is looking much more similar to the real thing

I will finish the turret assembly and details next and then do the remaining hull details.


Main thing is you knew it was wrong and wouldn’t look right… So it’s time well spent … And you’ve done a cracking job sorting it out … Nice work :+1:


I think we all do that! :laughing: :joy: :rofl:


There is much more work put into the turret details than it seems.

I decided to use the Legend machine guns, which when compared to the AFV Club equivalent parts are identical :thinking: :thinking:

I did not build the base for the big box at the rear right side of the turret from the Legend supplied pe but used the part from Academy, that supplies both options, a box and base or an empty base. The same goes for the mg ammo boxes, Academy supplies an empty base or the full package.

I had to modify the mount for the loader’s mg and use the AFV Club arm, since the Legend resin one or the Academy part are 2mm shorter. I also removed the mounting block for the arm from the armor block and build a mount that attaches to the side of the turret, as in the real vehicle


This is looking to be a superb build Niko’s. You are really putting in the effort with all the attention to detail … Most of which not many people would know about…
And nice work on the MG mount.

I have always loved these era of IDF tanks and their crazy busy turrets with so much kit on and so many difference’s… Very cool :+1:

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Thanks, thats useful information. I don’t expect a kit will be soon coming though unfortunately.

Besides it would be nice to use something like this in conjuction with a Merkava MBT having its engine removed - but Merkava engines and compartments are non-existant.

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As long as you know that it is there, it will bother you enough to do the work. Common for all of us.

“Why do I build the full interior, when I will simply glue the hatches close, and nobody will see it…”

“But you know you did it, so it will bother you THAT much.”


I finally managed to add the straps to the box on the turret roof

I also added more details in the other build, I had great difficulty working with the Eureka cables for the turret (spent more hours than I wanted to) and finally gave up, kept the resin ends and used my favorite synthetic thread.

Straps for the box

I am especially proud for the scratchbuilt pe angle indicator for the mortar next to the commander’s cupola

moving on with more tiny pe stuff for the turret and hull and the hull cables at the front

One thing that is pretty noticeable is the difference in size of the Legend resin bustle rack and the Meng one. The Legend resin is about 8mm longer, the Meng one measures exactly what it should be when compared to photos.