MikeyBugs 3D Design and Printing Ideas

Just a bit of TMI as it regards to flash bulbs:

Sorry but I have my one really big flash bulb packed away somewhere in storage so it is unavailable.
Bulbs varied in size based on you needed light output for a given assignment.Multiple bulbs could be wired together for greater output. (My one large bulb is about the size of a 500 watt stadium light bulb and there were others made even larger and often came in a paper sleeve the same size as that entire pack of #11 bulbs shown below.)

Blue Dot (or blue tinted) flash bulbs were color balanced for use with either Color or Black & White film.

The brass extension seen here allowed the use of the physically smaller bulbs by this large flash unit raising them up to be centered in the reflector.

GE MAZDA #75 Flashbulb for military use.

#75 flashbulb compared to normal sized light bulb.

Famous photographer O. Winston Link specialized in very well thought out nighttime flash photography using multiple flashes all going off at the same time…


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I’ll try to work that into the flash on the Graflex.

For now, I have some renders that will be available shortly. And yes I know that US 40mm grenades have been requested before. I will be getting to them probably tomorrow. It’s been a hectic, annoying week trying to figure out why the LTAS won’t print and work.


So someone was finally able to print the LTAS cab. This is NOT my print, I still haven’t been able to get it to print on my printers yet. I shared the file with someone else on Reddit to see if they could print it and this is their result. At least we now know what it looks like in the flesh.


I’ve decided I might as well start working on some grenade sets now that I have one for the GP-30. For now here’s an M67. 35 'nades for your pleasure.


A bit of a large update here from the past day or so. I’m current;y printing the SCR-536s. The left one with the full antenna I’m not printing or offering at this time. Instead, I’m printing the full antenna itself to see if it will print. The middle radio has a hole on the antenna location to insert the antenna (hopefully). Worse comes to worst, a length of wire with a blob of melted plastic on the end will work.

Remember, I’m open to any suggestions you guys have. I’ll work on my own ideas and do what I want to do every now and again but if you guys are buying, I want to make what you guys want.


Well, I’m now up to 103 products on my Hobbymarket storefront. Some of the newer ones in case any wants to take a look:
1/35 AK-74M w/ ACOG & GP-30
1/35 AK-74 w/ GP-30
1/35 M18 Smoke Grenade
1/35 Mk. II Frag Grenade
1/35 AK-74M w/ ACOG
1/35 M67 Frag Grenade


Guys… I think I got it… Unfortunately accidentally broke part of the door frame trying to get it out but other than that it printed pretty well. I’m running another print now to see if it’s reproducible.



Damn good-looking 3d printwork; maybe you’ll have to beef up that part of the frame, or maybe it was a one-off.

No I accidentally snapped it with a side cutter trying to get some supports underneath it off. I just need to be more careful.

Also some grenades:

And more pictures:


What do you guys think of an AK-12?


Nice. The cab looks great.