Modelling armour in Ukraine crisis

It seems as though the US will be sending Abrams too.

Zelensky wanted 300 tanks, it seems he’ll probably get at least 100 from a collective effort.




Ex-Russian T-62M now used by Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces in Zaporizhzhia :wink:



93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade “Kholodny Yar” motorpool :



Hi guys, any recommendation for the best Leopard 2A6 kit that they are finally going to send to Ukraine?..…

Just thought I’d ask again as the previous question above went into politics and not modelling :rofl:.
So far I can see the Italeri, RFM, Tamiya and Trumpeter versions, some reviews but need some rivet counter opinions on an easy build out of the box. Tanks fellas.

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RFM hands down.


Requirement: easy build out of the box
Italeri: Definitely not, total fail on ‘easy build’

Tamiya: Kit is designed for easy build, some compromises on details to reduce parts count. Glueable “vinyl” track, easier to assemble than indy-link. Main gun barrel is molded as left and right half barrel = not easy to get a perfect barrel but aftermarket vendors offer turned aluminium barrels

Revell: Haven’t seen it up close and personal, seems to be an easier build than Italeri, Revell kits tend to be a little “soft” on the details, not as crisp molding technology as other manufacturers.

HobbyBoss (Trumpeter): The kits from HobbyBoss are not quite as crisp as some other manufacturers.
Has a few unnecessary joints on the rear upper hull. I would go for Tamiya or RFM.

RFM: More parts than Tamiya + indy-link tracks = more work than the Tamiya kit. Presumably, I’m making a qualified guess here, better detailed than the Tamiya kit. Barrel molded as sections (“cylinders”) so no glue joint along the barrel, the joins between the sections are placed where they will be easy to hide.

If indy-link tracks seem daunting then the choice is Tamiya, otherwise go for RFM

If you want to check the contents of the boxes and compare the instruction sheets:

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+1 for the Ryefield Leopard


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Same issues as the Italeri kit.
Lot of work to close the joints in the upper hull sides (circled in red), both sides.
Two joints of vinyl tracks for each side = impossible to hide both behind the track skirts.

NOT an easy build.

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Is it know what exact type they are sending? I would think in the poor state of the bundeswehr, they would send the A4.

The German Chancellor has confirmed that it will be 2A6. Germany does not field A4s. It is information widely available now on the News Channels and understood widely to be the solution for some time now should it have been agreed.

The Bundeswher is underfunded but it certainly has excellent equipment and only a fool would underestimate its capability. Poor management by the German Ministry of Defence has been the main issue, that again, is information widely available on the internet.


14 Leopard 2A6s come from Germany. Bundeswehr no longer has an A4. 14 Leopard 2A4s are to come from Poland.

Interesting graphic from the article

Unfortunately, common in many militaries.


the 75K strong British army has currently been sub-contracted by the government to be used as doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers and numerous other civilian jobs as many of them are on strike…can’t wait to see my first RSM replacing one of the many striking teachers :rofl::yum::zipper_mouth_face:


RFM Leo 2 would be my choice. Nice balance of great details and buildability.

I think the Tamiya Leo 2A6 will be the easiest, fast & most issue free build. It will be early 2000’s quality molding and miss details compared to newer kits.

The old Italeri antique Leo I & Leo 2 kits are suitable for nostalgia builds. They were nice kits the 1970’s & 1980’s but the industry makes far superior kits that fit and build better these days.

No direct experience with the other Leo kits.

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In another article I read it was 30 M1s-just as I’m doubtful that Germans are sending A6s, I think it’s too early to get exact details.

I see you’re also a RFM Man…

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