Railroad Campaign 2022 - Structures?

Group, here is the campaign. It is in “staging” until Sunday but that is the ‘official’ date. Ready when you are!

Thomas Schmidt : Model Railway Diorama of Maeklong Train Market - Model Railroading and Scratch Building at its Best! - YouTube

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Somehow I missed this campagine until just now.

How did this turn out?

Up till now I I have been posting my structures in the “My structures, Your structures - Show and tell” thread.

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I believe due to circumstances (you know about Fred’s difficulties) it is still running with the new end date to be announced, so it is possible you may be able to participate with anything you started after the original commencement date. I hope to be able to knock out something small, not for the medal but to justify my previous posts on the thread. Here’s your links: