SAS "Pink Panther" Land Rover, Oman in the 70ies

While I’m finishing my GMV I will launch my next “blog” before actually starting the build. As the heading say, this will be the old Tamiya Pink Panther with a Legend upgrade set and some 3D-printed wheels. I also have some figures I bought a while ago. This was from a privat seller, and sold as “Rhodesian light infantry”. They turned out to be re-casts of SAS Operators in Oman aka fake :angry: I will paint and use them, but there will be no pictures of them. And please don’t turn this thread into a rambling speech about counterfeited kits. I learned my lesson, never again shady, private sellers :confounded:

So before I start the build I will invite you all to contribute with facts and pictures covering the famous Pink Panther. It is just fine with me if you let it be as well. I’m absolutely capable of doing my own research, but if you have special facts regarding the vehicle please share. PS, I have searched all 21 results popping up searching Kit Maker, but as far as I can see there is no build thread on the Pink Panther (yet)


I’m very aware of this thread. Lots of useful information there.

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Look forward to the build …obviously the tyres are a constant issue most are too small…assuming you’re doing sand tyres ?

It is what it is… Yes, I´m doing sand tyres. I have this set. I have not compared them with the tyres in the kit yet.

Have you seen them ?

Sweet! Very inspirational. Thanks alot.

Someone on this site recently did a SAS Pink Panther and it came fantastic. Can’t remember who it was….

Is this the one with some excellent figures - in bare buff save for shorts etc? I remember adding some input but I too can’t quite remember which thread it all was. It really was an outstanding effort.

SAS Pinkie

There you go chaps.


Awesome build! Thanks for posting.

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I have started the build and so far it has been straight forward with this 47 year old kit. Making the frame was easy, just an upgraded spare tyre holder was added. One could probably pimp out the frame, but I usually don´t do details witch can´t be seen.

The AM tyres is a big disapointment. The original Tamiya tyres are better detailed


Indeed those FC Model trend tires look more flat than sagged and without bulged sidewalls.

DEF Model has a wheel set for the Tamiya Pink Panther.

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Managed a couple of hours this evening. I like this little kit, and the PE set and Resin kit is great to work with as well. Most of the work was done with the rather fiddly PE parts.


Got one in my stash, so I am following!


A bit of work done tonight. It don´t look like much, but it took some time due to sanding, test fitting, messing up, starting over and so on…
The bar at the truck bed is soldered and even though not very difficult it took a couple of tries to get it to fit.


More bling and a little bit of resin. The smoke dischargers took some time. I have to admit I like fiddly PE but this was borderline madness. The Legend kit is good, but the instructions are somewhat vague and references has to be checked regularly.


Love how this is looking …


Coming along very nicely

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Looks excellent so far

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