Sci-Fi and Alternative history campaign X

Thank you John!
Yeah, once again, I just snuck under the wire — seems to be a thing around here! Temperatures are dropping again and snow is in the forecast. :snowflake:


While taking a little break, I’ve been pondering what to do next with the concrete. :thinking: Any thoughts from the Peanut Gallery? :peanuts:

In the meantime, in order to get reacquainted with other elements of the build, I thought I’d throw-together a quick dry-fit.

Note: The center dome/ring won’t really sit on top like that. It actually fits up inside the hull.

“What are these broken and burned-out weehicles doing in my hangar?” :face_with_monocle:

• HANOMAG SS-100 Gigant “Schwerer Radschlepper” Heavy Tractor (left).
• VOMAG 8LR LKW WWII German Heavy Truck unloading the 'Riesige-Sprengbombe’ (huge explosive bomb) (right).
• Top Secret Test Engines (upper left).

Thank’s again for having a look!
—mike …:flying_saucer:


Red 5 Standing by.
Luke is officially at the clown car stage, or as I call it, patchwork quilt. All markings were masked and airbrushed in various colors based on the Bandai decals and photos of the filming miniature.

Tomorrow panel lines and trying a waterbased oil wash instead of regular oils or Tamiya Panel Line.


Mouse Thing progress update . . . . .

The rear thrusters will be mounted on hinged arms for directional control and stability. I used some sprue for the arms and an end mill on the Dremel to groove the end of the sprue to take the hinge joint.
The base of the unit has been drilled where they will be located. I will drill into the end of the little sprue nubs and add some wiring out onto the thruster heads.

I relocated and added a couple of items to the top and used some 1mm styrene sheet to blank off the mouse wheel hole and create a mount plate for the rear guns.

A couple of holes drilled in the front and the mouse wheel part fits in neatly. The glass dome will be left off until the end.

Cheers, D


Really looking cool D … My what if mouse thingy stalled sadly… I may get back into it after watching you here though.


The things went on …

Two days of building with the Club :cowboy_hat_face: and the new project in progress .
Discovered the picture on Pinterest and build something like that …


That is all looking very very cool… Great imagination :+1:


Looks great, Gerrit. It is really taking shape now!

Mike, great surface texture on the base. Subtle and not overdone.

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Thanks for the compliments, the B17 is realy near the finish , i think about a paint job … Would look much better in complete silver i think ?

But i build two smaller kits last week, they will fit into this thread very well .

And a Me262 tank vehicle . Both builds were started from zero at the last weekend so they will fit into the group Rules :wink: .


Going to get started on this now …

Should be a fairly quick build … Not sure about the paint scheme yet …


Continued the B17 , i would have this done because there is not much time for me the next weeks to work on that .

Silver + clear coat , standard Procedere .


That’s what you say every time, but alas, it never is…


Nice finish, Gerrit!

Looking forward to see more :slightly_smiling_face:


Got the wings / sails together

Not straightforward fitting by any means.
Each one needed clamping at various points to bring them together and also needed putty on each one.


Red 5 is completed. My diffuser went missing and the pictures are more washed out than normal. Looks much more weathered in person.


But THIS TIME is it real that way :laughing:


A quick mock up and dry fit for the TIE with the wings partially folded…

Not sure on the final paint scheme… I’m thinking red and black ?

And another one with the cockpit the right way up lol… :see_no_evil:


Do the wings fold, or do you have to fix them in one position?


Yes and no sort of… I’ll explain…

You can configure it in flight on a stand (provided) with wings fully up or partially folded.
The third option is to have the wings fully folded with landing gear down.

If you wanted to, you can have the TIE in flight with wings fully out by using the different wing connectors…

And with wings refitted…

These are the connectors for fully folded.

And wings fitted folded.

If you have wings fully folded you’d have to have the landing gear fitted, so it wouldn’t look as good on the stand if you had the wings configured for partial or fully up…

You also get a lot of leftovers in the box…

One complete set of fully up wings, and cockpit assembly… And a rear panel and hatch, all that’s missing is the clear canopy and interior cockpit sides and seat etc…

You have enough to probably do a crashed TIE as long as you positioned it sensibly so you couldn’t see the missing parts …


Sounds like a very useful kit! But I’m amazed you resisted the urge to engineer the wing hinges to work…


I think that’s beyond me Tom