Sd Kfz 184 Elefant Build log

Okay I lied. Update, got half the front and one side done. The long pieces for the sides took quite a bit of a work as they didn’t want to move much after they hit the kit, had to slowly move them into position. Also had to cut 4 bolts off and reattach, haven’t attached two yet, the other two were the far back ones on the lower hull. Super happy with this stuff, need to fix around the one bolt a bit by filling it in with trimmings


It looks okay superficially, but the reality is it doesn’t look to have anywhere near the depth of texture actual Zimmerit had.

Thats going on well. I was thinking of getting the Zvezda Elefant as its only 28 quid … not sure if its new or old kit though as the new ones are very nicely made and detailed.

If the kit number is 36XX it’s a new mold and 35XX is the old and appears to be a Italeri boxing from ‘73.

Mead your build is looking good.


I had the same concern but reading an article from the tank museum, the outer layer of zimmerit that receive texture was 4mm thick. Or 0.1mm in 1/35, so I don’t think this stuff is too far off.

In my opinion DIY zimmerit is often over done and overly deep


its a 36 so I may pull the trigger on it :+1:

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Not my thing but it appears to be a decent kit.

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Here’s the article for anyone interested

Zimmerit and why - The Tank Museum.

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Nice link, cheers Ryan, It looks ok actually and nice touch that it has Zimm decal sheets included.

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Finished up the zimmerit except for some small pieces that go in the rear tool bin, and fenders. Pretty happy with how it went down. Hope it shows under paint


Looking very good Mead. I was thinking that if i get any more of the Zimm decals to use, I may omit the primer on those areas, and just go straight to paint on them to lesson the build up. And thanks to you, I have just ordered the Zvezda Elefant, which actually has its own decal sheet in the kit, so will be interesting to see what that looks like when it arrives.

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I am thinking of ordering the trumpeter zimmerit tools for my tiger, king tiger, and Jagdpanther builds.

I agree the less paint with this stuff the better. I think I’ll “prime” with a very light coat of a home brew red oxide to give the yellow base more depth but won’t do a traditional primer coat

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Fenders on. They are four pieces per fender. Tamiya suggests building them on the vehicle but I decided to build them off with a slower setting glue and then shape them as they dried kinda like link and length tracks. The fit of course is excellent being tamiya

Two small issues. One I gouged the port side fender a bit cleaning up a seam. More problematic, the holes for the fender supports in the zimmerit decals (being for the Zvezda kit) don’t align with the fender supports. This leaves a hole in the top glacias zimmerit

My plan? The zimmerit for the fenders has a portion that wraps around the fender side

I plan to trim this excess and use it to fill the holes