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Hobby Link (Vietnam) hints at delightful new semi trailer for fuel: the M131A5C Semitrailer.

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Is this 1/35 or 1/72???

It is 1/35. There are tractor conversions he has for the AFV M54. Real Models also has conversions for the Italeri/I Love Kits M925…Hopefully AFV will make a M52/M818…

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Do you know the years that this trailer was in service I am a modern US builder (2001-presant).

B & L Models is releasing a truck to pull something like this next month.

These were used during Vietnam and up until the early '90s (Desert Storm). They were replaced by the M939 series, which is made by Real Model. See the below link for more info on fuel tanker trailers and to see the Real Model M939.

Not really. The B&L truck is a 10-ton M123, which was used to pull tank transporters and heavier loads. The M131 5k gallon tanker was pulled by an M52 or M816 5-ton truck.



Thank you I appreciate the Info I wish I could get a new fuel tanker and link it to a MTV bobtail.

If you don’t want to convert one like I did…

It may be possible soon, maybe. Trumpeter has announced an M1088 standard cab and an M1088 LTAS cab as coming this year, we will see.

Highlight of Trumpeter 2024-25 catalogue, HEMTT A4s Coming! - Armor/AFV / Modern - KitMaker Network

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Thanks, Gino, for the clarification. You are correct the trailer and semi would not normally be paired together, though I can imagine situations in Vietnam where it might have happened. Perhaps if @Frenchy is haunting this thread he can come up with a photo showing these unlikely bedfellows?

The other problem is there isn’t a decent M52 kit to my knowledge except the ancient Hobby Fan or the ridiculously expensive Real Model conversion (for which I can’t even find any instructions or photos of what you get in the kit). Maybe this all will break the dam of pent-up demand for Vietnam support vehicles?

Bill Cross

The Hobby Link M52 conversion is really nice, and not too expensive. If you get the new AFV Club M51 kit, you don’t even have to cut the frame as the frames on both are the same length.

Available through Wanamaker Hobbies: Merchium e-shops (

I know Wanamaker, since I reviewed HL’s Otter kit (very nice, BTW). Did not know about the conversion. I’m very interested in the new M51 which has shown up on eBay for silly money, so I’m waiting for it to get to @spruebrothers or another internet retailer. I will be reviewing HL’s Rome plow dozer and M59 APC in the next few months if not sooner.

I already bought the M51, couldn’t wait. I plan on using the HL M52 conversion on it and using the dump bed on an I :heart: Kit M923. They both use/used the same dump bed.

Maybe AFV Club will do an M52 since they already have the shortened frame. :crossed_fingers: