Space Shuttle Launch Complex 39A with Challenger STS-6 (1:144)

Do it in early stages of flight.

Your depth of knowledge and attention to detail on this is phenomenal… also, for what it’s worth, the larger TSM looks better suited… Just my opinion :+1:

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Thanks John for your nice compliment and your opinion regarding the TSMs in 1:144.

Back then, 10 years ago, I came to the same conclusion, albeit with a heavy heart, since I had to build both TSMs once again, this time in 1:144.

Far worse was the consequence of having to relocate the SRB chambers, which meant a brutal cut into the nearly finished MLP, comparable to an open-heart surgery, but which was unavoidable, which is why I had to grab at a ‘scalpel’. up0373121

I’ve been thinking about the possible variants of the adaptation of the SRB holes in an emergency surgery. Here, I will probably widen the SRB holes on 1:144, and adjust the length in a tolerable level, possibly to 1:150 … 1:155 …

Here are two photos, first on the AXM template,

and here on the MLP.

In a first surgery I’ve removed the middle four Hold down posts in the SRB holes what was relatively harmless. The other four on the front walls stick fixed, be replaced also.

After that I did the SRB-Blast shields piece by piece carefully until the TSMs dissolved and removed, which also still relatively good went to, and then looks like:

In the meantime I have chosen as well as for the modification of the SRB holes, i.e. with the width I’ll go on the 1:144 level, and with the length to 1:150, which corresponds to the green line. So the Blast shields would go about 10 mm beyond the Blast deck, why I must move the deck this 10 mm backwards.

To create this space, I’ll probably cut the blast deck along the line with the red arrows, and put back the front part. Thus the two Rain birds (green arrows) to this small move while piece next to rear, what but to get over, and the Blast shields back flush with the Blast deck off.

And so the stack would then sit across the SRB holes, what actually made quite well together and would have to fit the proportions, and thus would be even enough space for the SSWS pipes and Water bags. icon_hmm

So far for today, next time the deeper cuts will follow … up0405771


Hello everybody,

I’ve decided yet different and I’ll go to 1:155! cool1

And now guys it goes right to the thing, I only have to think about just the right battle plan where and how I best start and with which tools. icon_hmm

To do this I must look again at my old photos from the start-up phase, as I had built the substructure. Then I know roughly where I come out with my cuts through the hardboard either/hopefully in the cavity, or in the Balsa wood.

The cut line of the long sides will be probably right behind the inner shaft wall. As a result, the rear wall will need also away. up0373121

And here is the drawing for the modified SRB.

Firstly, I’ve tried carefully a few cuts with the mini saw,

and then drilled a few holes for the saw to come through the upper hardboard.

The sawing but not particularly went well, maybe I came out even in the side wall which saw stuck in more often and which has repeatedly jammed. That’s why I took up then the Dremel,

and with the blade the hardboard through scratched up on the Balsa wood.

And then it painstakingly went piece by piece with saws, chisels and cutters in depth, shocked1 and that hurt me in the soul and is genuine to the howling … cry1

This was overall quite stressful, but there also no whining helps.

Finally, I have cannibalized both shafts up to the lower hardboard in the truest sense of the word, up0376921

and can draw the bottom hardboard for the cuts now.

Now gotta only strongly take a deep breath … icon_sweat1

Surely every model-maker’s nightmare come to life – switching scales mid-project, Holy Reductions. I can only look through one peeking eye & admire your bravery & surgical skills :1st_place_medal: :medal_military: :carpentry_saw:

wow … a re-scale … that sounds very daunting and would scare the hell out of me !!! How does that effect the kits and their scaling against the launch platforms ?

Thanks Martin for your compassion. bow1

But what has to be, has to be, it’s all a consequence of the dilemma of scale. The Shuttle Stack with its boosters inevitably needs its place on the MLP deck. icon_hmm

The only thing that helps is clenching your teeth, closing your eyes and through! up0405771

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Yep, John, as I said to Dioramartin already, that doesn’t matter. Some adjustments will probably still be necessary. up0350911

But where there’s a will, there’s a way. up0405771

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Hello everybody,

but first, I had to insert a break to gain some distance and to take new courage. bananen-smilies-00981

And further went to draw the new contours of the SRB hole openings on the hardboard on the bottom,

that I sawed out with the Mini saw.

Back flush with the shaft holes to insert the outer walls of the shafts, only remnants of the side support bars had to be removed. That was a pretty tedious action where there was lots of shavings and dust. up0376921

But then, it was finally done.

For a stable fit of the outer walls, I have again prepared supports of Balsa piece 15x15 mm and fit.

The side walls are again from 6 mm Balsa and fit quite well into the openings.

Now the parts must be glued only. The rear walls are then prepared in a similar way and inserted, bringing the shafts again slowly take shape. up0350911

Keep on knocking on wood! So far everything went well, so go on. up0405771

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Very impressive. :+1:

I am assuming others are seeing these photographs in your recent posts as they are commenting positively. However, I am still having trouble seeing them. Hopefully, that will change soon.

In the mean time, keep it coming my friend!

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Thanks Mike,

yep, it really hurt, but fortunately it was fixable, as I’ll show soon. up0405771