Looking very good, Joe. I have to disagree with you regarding the cockpit and fit though. On my IXe it fitted like a glove, but I used the ProfiPack edition and the thinner PE armor plate possibly makes a difference. Anyway, from your initial pictures I´m sure your IXc will be a looker.

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This is my progress so far on my IXC

And finally on its legs. Still some work to do, but getting there



That’s looking top top Pete …

I had the first casualty of war just now … the Spit slipped out my had and went in nose first…

One prop snapped off and one cracked and bent back… luckily the one that snapped had a jagged break, so it mated up nicely when I did the fix …

Also fitted the wings, and tailplane complete. :+1:


Accidents happen Johnny. Lucky you had no major repairs to do. Its looking like a spit now.

Hello mates, I call my Spitfire done now!

Nice kit, no big issues and recommendable (KP) :blush:


Turned out very nice, Peter :+1:t2:

Thanks Erik! :pray:

Nice job Peter. Fine looking Seafire.


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Done a figure of James Johnson to go with the Spitty



Looking good there, a typical nonchalant RAF pose lol… shoot down a few hun, then back to the mess for tea and medals …hoorah !!

I was reading a bit about the Mk XII I am building, I didn’t realise only a 100 of that Mk were built … I always imagined each Mk had hundreds built… everyday is a school day :grin:


Many thx, Pete!

Hi Johnny
Yeah the most of all the mks built was the IX and it was a stop gap to counter the FW190s. I believe …


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Got all the bits and pieces on the wings and also the underside.

Will start on the undercarriage tomorrow…

Also used a little bit of Mr Surfacer 500 on a few of the joints.


Looks a beauty, you’ve nailed that one.

We see quite a few Spitfires on the forum and yours is right up there.


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So the special hobby Vc progresses slowly due to other commitments, but progress it does.
I had an awful time trying to get the fuselage together with the cockpit installed and there was a significant gap right in front of the cockpit that no matter how I clamped or adjusted it I could not get to close up. It took several rounds of putty, and still needs some smoothing.

I was worried that it would cause the windshield not to fit, but as it turns out it would have been a problem if I had got it closed up.

Once I cleaned most of the absolutely heinous amounts of flash off the bottom the windscreen is actually a perfect fit, which is a first for this build so far.

I also got the horizontal stabilisers installed and they flat out did not fit at all. I had to open up the slots in the fuselage, and thin down the tabs on the stabilisers before I could get either of them inserted.


Well, our friend the carpet monster made a call today … possibly yesterday …

Part B14 went to pay the monster a visit .

I think it’s some type of instrument sensor ?

Anyway, I had to try and make one up…

Just used a very small square of evergreen and shaped it from that. Test fitted it and looks ok, so once that’s painted grey shouldn’t be an issue.


That’s the pitot tube, it measures airspeed. Always found them to be notoriously tricky to work with. If they don’t ping off into a parallel dimension, they usually break when you’re cleaning them up. Replacing is probably a good idea.

This one’s coming together nicely. I might have to get one of these myself, I missed the first release a couple of years ago. I think it was the first of the Griffon engine versions?


That is the very last part I glue to a model. Often after I have finished the paintjob. I keep my personal carpet monster slim in that way…



LOL…that’s too good!:rofl: :rofl: