Stryker Campaign Thread

Thanks Ezra, nice of you to say :+1:

Ir came out looking very nice. The base looks good too.

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Bravo. :+1: :+1: What did you do for the straps?

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Thanks guys @HeavyArty & @Armorsmith , the chain idea you have me DV and the Freefall option from Gino really give it some realism which I like to add when I can.
The straps are the ones you get in the Trumpy kit and you get plenty of them. I just painted a few forest green and a few khaki green to vary it and added some PE clasps from the CVRT fret I had left over.
The very basic base is one I use just to do some final pics on to give it an in the field look, it’s about 12 years old.:+1::+1:


Excellent John. I have really enjoyed the frequent build reports. The end result is fantastic.

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Thank you Peter… My aim is to please … Lol… But seriously it’s been a blast to build and this is definitely not my last Stryker !!

I want to add my plug for Rob Skipper 18Bravo’s collection of reference photos for the Stryker. Just got the emails yesterday within hours of contacting Rob. These are amazing details and well worth $16

Per 18Bravo: the Stryker reference has ALL variants available in plastic. there are interior photos, engineering attachments, underside detail, and engine bay photos. Legend used the photos for their engine kits and as a color guide… There are over 1100 photos. If you’re interested, the whole set of walk arounds is $16.00. No tax, no postage. You almost always get them the same day digitally via PM 18Bravo if interested.


Yeah, he’s got a set of pics for the M1 assault breacher too. They are fantastic!

I have a question. Are these the right aerials for the Stryker?

Yes they are.

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I want to try to apply the anti-slip covering. With black paste from mig and a sponge. I have now tried to attach it to the back door, if the stuff is wet you can remove it with water. now has to dry for 24 hours, let’s see how it works.

Gruß Viktor


Why should there be an anti-slip on a vertical surface? Since Strykers are convered with MEXAS composite armor there is no need for an anti-slip. MEXAS consists of ceramic blocks which are covered in Kevlar. And Kevlar has a slightly rough surface, so you don`t need extra anti-slip coating.

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This comes kinda late, but here’s another way to make realistic colored lights and reflectors that I’ve described in a different post:

Two more pictures of stuck-on foil and foil behind clear kit part:

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I was going to mention anti slip … I didn’t think they had it ?

I’m new on the forum, posted my Stryker in a different post. Can I still join the Campaign.
For the moment building the MGS Stryker.

Grtx Jan

Sure! Come on in! Pull up a seat! :grin:

:beer: :cowboy_hat_face:

as mentioned I’m new and not a frequent builder, just love the modern wheel vehicles.
Started some weeks ago building the MGS from AFV models.

building straight from the box, still learning to work with PE so upgrades in PE are not always useful for me.

used bronze green (75%) with dark Sand (25%) as a basecoat

afterword’s I started some weathering and shading with several greens and applied on some places a light filter of dark grey.

For the moment I’m working on some detail painting and creating some small part to complete the overall view. Repairing little things I have broken ore lost in the carpet monster. And looking for the right fitting for the equipment and baggage.

My work until today, hope you like it a bit.


Looks really good Jan, and welcome.
Was the metal barrel with the kit or was that extra ? Stowage looks nice as well and not cluttered. :+1:

Looking good. A couple pointers on extra gear though. The water cans (single handle) come most commonly in black and sand. At one time they were in dark green, but that color was discontinued.

The fuel jugs (3 handle) are in a medium sandy brown color. The caps are usually only painted red for mogas when used in units that have anything that uses mogas. They are otherwise understood to contain diesel (yellow).

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Nice looking MGS. :+1: :+1: