Takom Iowa Class Mark 7, 16"50Cal Turret with Full Interior Start-to-Finish

Thanks guys! Has anyone actually asked the Admiralty what plans are available?

One of the joys I have is re-reading some of my own build threads (and I’ve done a lot of them). Kind of like childbirth (my wife would disagree since nothing compares to childbirth), you forget the pain and anguish and simply enjoy the results. Re-reading refreshes my memory of just what it takes to make some of these creations. I been writing a continuous build thread of my entire railroad project since 2012, and have folks who’ve been following since the beginning. Re-reading it blows my mind as to just how much work it has been.

I also refresh my own know-how on techniques I’ve used and may have forgotten. It helps not to re-invent my own wheels.

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Plenty of plans available Myles but no technical details, eg tables of offsets for frames and so forth to allow a really accurate rendition to be built…

Similar problem here. Excellent line drawings of the ship in plan and elevation, but not dimensions. I basically traced over scaled drawing, but it was always a crap shoot if the initial scaling was correct.

BTW: We’re halfway to Philadelphia. The model is sitting pretty on the folded down rear seat of our Buick LaCross. The Buick’s ride is very smooth and I checked the model before going into the hotel for the night and no pieces had fallen off. So far so good. I’m leaving it in the car overnight thinking that there was less chance for damage just sitting there (although cold) then bumping it along on a luggage cart to our room. The fewer times I pick it up and move the better.


No burglar would dare to enter your car, with those guns pointing his way :rofl:

True! Those babies is the diameter of an actual .22.

The model made it from Louisville, KY to the curator’s cabin in PERFECT SHAPE! Nothing fell off! I brought a box of emergency tools and glue just in case, but didn’t need them. What I did do is forget them when I left and Ryan’s going to have to ship them to me.

Ryan was impressed and it exceeded his expectations.

These pictures were taken by my younger and stronger nephew who did the honors of carrying the model to the ship and down the companion way ladder to Ryan’s office. We discussed where it should be displayed and decided the ward room probably would work. It’s the place where Anyone with a disabilities can go to the wardroom and get educated about the ship. I also asked if he communicates with curators in the other three Iowa museum ships? Yes! And they might be interested to have a model of their own. These would not be donated and shipping would become a challenge. I could drive a model to the Winsconsin in Norfolk, but Iowa in San Pedro and Missouri in Pearl is another story.

We spent about a half hour with me explaining the fun and challenges of building a one-off custom model. Ryan is a model maker himself so had no trouble empathizing with the challenges.

And more news. Aaron Skinner responded and said FSM would like to publish an article about it. He gave me some requests which I will comply with. I’ve already started writing an article, but already have way too many words.

It was a very good day! The fact that the model made it to the ship in perfect condition was a real joy.

When the model is in it’s final position I will post that also. Stay tuned.


Let us know when it is on display. I live across the river in Bryn Mawr and would love to go see it.

I would love to see it when it goes on display - only a little over an hour away “ down the shore “ .
Let us know - Thanks

I will inform everyone when and where it will go on display. Later in the afternoon it was being photographed and catalogued. Donating to the Big J is a formal process since the ship is property of the State of New Jersey.

I’m going to order those 1/72 WW2 sailors and bring them to the ship during our Spring trip. The model needs some people to lend a sense of scale.


Congratulations Myles! Fantastic work. Your skill, ingenuity and creativity are most impressive! I’m about 2hrs north of the battleship, but will make the trek down to see this, once it’s on display.

That is some great news! Both Aaron’s interest and the safe arrival of the turret!!!

This video shows how everything in the model actually works.


Wow, what a fascinating project. I am amazed by their craftsmanship. :ok_hand:t2:

It is one of the most stunning Builds I have seen in a long Time. Just simply amazing…Cheers Mark

Outstanding work!

Thanks for taking all the time and effort to document and share the build with the rest of us!

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You are all very welcome. I’ve learned a lot from my readers too and the model would not have been possible with that input.

The model’s in its “almost” final position. The ship is closed to the public until March, but they were having a board meeting and Ryan wanted them to see it. It is now on temproary display in the ward room. It’s sitting on an end table between two couches and it’s not a secure place. It’s eventually going onto the bookcase in the background… a much better location.

The board members were not told that I was building this model and were duly impressed.

Ryan’s also going to see if he can get some higher resolution images for me.

Now you’re all up to date.


An update:

The model is now in its final location and it’s much better. My wife and I plan on visiting the ship in Mid-April. I haven’t received any feedback on its reception yet.

To refresh everyone’s memory, this is in the ward room on the main deck of the USS New Jersey.


That is the most ambitious piece of modeling mastery I’ve ever seen on here. Like rigging a clipper from photographs is the only comparison I can think of. I’ve been about NJ twice (once for a BSA sleepover) and now I need to get up there again.

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Looking forward too seeing it on Tuesday , my brother is coming down from north Jersey & we’re bringing our boys to tour the ship and then hit some hobby shops in the area.

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Thanks for the stellar comments. Have a nice trip to the boat and let me know your reaction seeing the model in real 3D.