Summer Nostalgia!

@RonW Very special variant!The suspension seems to be a Manchuguo version. It that a Finemolds kit? Or Dragon?:cool:

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I suspect Finemolds.


A lot of good work here.

Summer and other interests have significantly cut into bench time, and I’ve been working on my 1/72 Airfix Mustang when I do get some. Gotta get back on the stick.

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My first summerproject is done!
Behold… Luigi and his M13/40:

I was going for an Italian tanker that had seen some campaigning in the desert a.k.a. being dirty. I am not entirely satisfied…


Very Nice. :kissing_closed_eyes::pinched_fingers:


Lovely job Ron. Came out a treat.


Nice finishes sofar!

Building this kit is going fast but ofcourse lots of cleaning up to do… and lack of detailing…

My P38 is nothing like that nice version
P38-J with extra goodies , that’s a different scale and class alltogether, but that one did give me some ideas on how to get the not existing cockpit a bit more realistic…


Also did something with

those empty wheel bays…


Congratulations on finishing! That is a very interesting tank and your version looks great with all the dust, scratches, and stowed equipment. It has a lot of character.

That is yet another vehicle I would like to add to my own tiny collection, some day.


If you come across it for a reasonable price (heard it’s going for $43 these days, which is absurd), get one!
It is a lowtech, fun and easy build.


Scale Hobbiest sells them for $34.49 US! :grin: Based on one review I found, it builds up into an accurate model with only some very minor modifications required. That plus the link and length track make it very attractive to me. The current packaging also includes some fun markings for captured vehicles.

Right after looking at your model I also began reading about the history of the vehicle and the problems facing Italian armored units in Africa. It amazes me how fast technology advanced back then. I also wonder what the heck Mussolini was thinking, committing so many brave but insufficiently trained troops to war.

I cannot recall ever reading a biography of Mussolini. Need to fix that.

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Link 'n length tracks?
Just checked. Looks like it is an updated/reworked version from this 1975 kit.

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Too kind my friend! I’m just emulating the good stuff I see from the community here. Yours looks great!


I’m calling this one finished. All 1/35 DML plastic figures from these sets.

The base is Gamer’s Grass premade resin base with groundwork used “As is.” I just painted the edge Royal Blue.


That is quite a different kind of build. I like it!

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Very nice; the base reminds me of the rocky terrain in the Falklands, particularly on Goose Green - So you kind of see where I am going with this.


A good figure idea - British Parachute Regiment soldier - Falklands Island, 1982


Thanks. :smiley:

It was a “rush build” and I could have spent more time like sanding the base edges smooth before painting or adding pigments to the knees and boots. However, being cheap 1/35 pre-2000 DML figures, I decided to hurry and finish the “Summer Nostalgia Campaign” and move onto other build campaigns that I listed as “Interested” and start those with just six months left in 2023. :smiley:

@SableLiger There are several 120mm resin Falkland War figures available on the internet.


Hey, hey.

My sincere apologies but I have decided to abandon my Tamiya M41 project for this campaign. I cannot figure out how to make 160 identical pads for the AFV Club replacement tracks. Cutting them one at a time is horrible and the results inaccurate. Adding lightening holes to the idlers and sprockets is also proving difficult because of how the parts were molded. Rather than investing in correct idlers, sprockets, and another set of replacement tracks, I would rather purchase a different, accurate, modern tool model.

Unfortunately, I cannot find anything else in the closet that meets the criteria of being easy, old, and not started. Therefore, I must withdraw. Sorry.


What a shame, really. It was a promising build.

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Just grab yourself one of those Airfix “Vintage Classic” repops that come in at about seven (or eleven) quid and throw it together OOB over a weekend. Or, if you’re feeling masochistic, grab their 1:76th alleged SdKFz.234 Armoured Car and try converting it into a SdKFz.234…