The Great Canadian Campaign!

Assembly has started! Running gear first as usual, working on the bogies. Dragon does provide bolt heads molded onto the sprues for the return skids but don’t mention them in their instructions…


151 is done! Rest of the photos can be found Here

@SSGToms, your judgement is appreciated.

Think I’m gonna sit back and watch for a bit now. I had a paint catastrophe with my Mustang so it needs to go back in the booth for a do over. I need to take a few cleansing breaths and order some more paint before I can look at that again.

I’m really excited to see what else gets brought to the table now though.


Your TOW Jeep is excellent Don. You really got all the details down right and captured the character of the vehicle. These were some of our favorite TOW rides as they were so small we could hide them behind a fallen tree or a wood shed. 4 guys could pick up the back end if it got stuck. You really did a great job.

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I commented in your thread about the M151.
A project completed BEFORE the campaign has even begun… well done!

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I shot the basic colours today. I was not satisfied, because I used way to much black and German grey in relation to the brighter olivgreen. So I am in the process of touching things up with a brush. Did not fancy wrapping the hole thing up in masking tape again.
The topcover is standard Tamiya khaki.



Ron it’s looking great. I think your ratios are spot on and you nailed the colours.

Both those builds make me really want to do the M38 Jeep. Congratulations to both on nice builds.

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Those are great builds . Its going to be tough trying to keep up with yall.

SO do I, but I can not find any decently priced ones!

What price you looking for?

€25 seems to be the going retail rate.

Here I have to add another 10. Plus shipping. Which I think is just to much for such a kit.

Ouch. I feel your pain.

AFV club just released a two truck IDF kit with a signals unit and a 106mm recoilless. I want it very much but it’s CAD $70. Though I’ll probably justify it eventually because their 106 M38 alone is close to $50.

Thinking of Tamiya’s M151/TOW which I can get for around $7, the M151 & trailer for $15 or the Italeri Jeep & trailer for $10-12…
None are of the same standard, true. But still. For $35 I can have a pretty decent tank too.

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Now I can finally join all the fun in here.
This just showed up .


Guys if you don’t have Gator Glue on your bench , I very highly suggest getting some.
In the words of the door gunner from Full Metal Jacket "GET SOME… GET SOME"Gator’s Grip glue has a new website

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Sprayed the 1st UN markings onto the TUA.

Don’t mind the snapped track… I need to fix that.

I will blend in the still to white plates with dust once the UN is sprayed on the front. ( The spare road wheel is only held on with a tiny bit of Gator glue. I agree with Chris it’s great stuff.)

Oh here are a few more pics of the M151a2 TOW with a few little bits added and the mud tweaked a little.


Ezra that UN vehicle rocks out loud . I don’t know how you achieved that worn look already with that white . I have to say , Im really liking it . That is indeed your kung Fu

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Not to undercut the buisness gator glue but for those of you struggling to find it in your country (like me, sometimes living in Canada can blow), the liquitex acrylic gloss medium does basically the same thing. It’s great stuff for PE and attaching metal to plastic.


Thanks Chris! It was quite easy actually, here’s what I did.

  1. Spray a uneven coat of white over the whole TUA building it up in layers till I was happy with the coverage.

  2. Dry Brush certain points of the model with NATO Green.

  3. Slop a dark grey/brownish oil wash over the whole model. I did this over a mat coat because I wanted it to stain a little.

  4. Remove and blend the wash after about 30 min.

  5. Add a dot filter of Titanium white oil paint over the whole model.

  6. Spray on the UN letters. I did this after weathering the white and before the earth effects to preserve the black in the letters.


Work began on the Mexas today . I am amazed at how well and how fast this kit goes together . This is part of what I have so far