What did you do in your modeling workshop today?

I really only watch endurance racing these days- the WEC (world endurance championships) races mostly. This the same outfit that does the 24 hours of Le Mans.
The season opener is today’s Sebring race.

Tomorrow there will be a 12 hour IMSA race at the same track, but I’ve given up watching IMSA after their paid subscription streaming service decided to interrupt the action with commercials throughout the races.

The Nurburgring endurance racing series opener is tomorrow @ 0515 here on the east coast. If you’re not familiar with the Nurburgring, it’s a 24 kilometer track in the Eiffel Mountains in southern Germany. They run a half dozen six hour races and one 24 hour race per year.

Here’s a lap of the Nurburgring in a former 24 hours of Le Mans winning car:


last weeks superbike Daytona 200 is on youtube. Also the baggers if ya into those, but I am not.

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Never a good idea, no matter the manufacturer.

Hopefully it doesn’t spoil the project too much.


I had some left in the old bottle. I think I can save it.


Laid down the first of two final colors on a submarine and started on the Trumpeter 1/72 Thud for the SEAD campaign.

Lots of learning opportunities with the airbrush. Slowly getting the hang of it.


Today, I did house keeping, sorted out stuff from traveling. Decided to shelve the artillery piece briefly and drag out a shelf queen that’s been sitting for 20+ years for the Unfinished Business 2023 Group Build.

Dragon #6164 Panther D

Surprisingly, I’d left a fair number of notes on the instruction sheet. Decided to start with the notes. Worked on filling 32 punch marks on the outside faces of eight road wheels.


I did some housekeeping, too, but not in the work shop.

I’m running out of shelf space in what my wife calls “the museum” so I decided to consolidate my ridiculous 1950’s-1960’s Civil Defense collection.

So I bought a couple of cheesy book cases:

I guess it takes shelf space to get shelf space.

I’ll finish organizing it later…


I spy a Himars in tan?


That’s a pretty awesome collection of Cold War Civil Defense!


Yup, along with a bunch of other stuff from the wooden toy collection.


At that point were I am not sure how far I want to go with weathering. And I am not sure if I mud it, that this should be the first to try it with. Still not loaded up with everything also, it has to ship and having breakage headaches.


I didnt know the US civil defence used Lee Enfield bayonets :grinning:


Looks really good, weathering,specialy mud, is the step to make it perfect to me. I feel the same, you can destroy what you have done so far. I hope you decide to do it and let see some pictures


Long time at work yesterday, no time for my jagdpanther left,but today I will do something.
And I have to bring my girlfriend to watch “a bridge too far” tonight on tv, hard piece of work😂
Nice day to you all


Test fit for shelf queen went pretty well. The wheels all touch glass top. At some point this thing had been back on my work bench because four outside wheels had reinforcement rivets added.

Theft proof model had my finger print in the side of the hull. Happy it was fixable with a scrape & sand. Also repairing the broken tracks.


Lookin’ good there.
Are you gonna’ a Panther comparison build at some point like you did with the Mk IIIs ?

Got somewhat better organized and freed up a bunch of shelf space on the other side of the wooden toy collection.

@Naseby, 1917 Enfield bayonets fit perfectly on my Winchester M1897 US Riot/Trench gun.


Some small interieur parts done, now start the tracks.Just 5 places to clean at one track piece🐢 and that’s just one part, 4 others for one track-part

86 per side, that will take some time
Have a nice week


Al, that’s a wonderful collection of Soviet/Russian armor on the display shelf. Definitely like it!

Sure, a panther compare thread sounds like fun. Let the cat fight begin…Intrigue of Cats, Litter of Panthers


Please Close Lid After Launch…

I had a minute to work on this little unnecessary but fun to scratch-build detail. :hammer_and_wrench:

Bomb Launch Tube Lid. Location: lower saucer dome below bomb carousel.

Projectile egress! :hole:

—mike :grin::flying_saucer:


Still sitting here staring at the build wondering how to attach items like instructions show without it looking stupid as though some magical magnet is holding items on it the way Italeri shows to build it.