Your Figure Just Keeps Improving! 2024

Group Build Title: Your Figure Just Keeps Improving! 2024

Group Build Leader(s): @CKPlasticModels

Group Build Description: Keeping it simple again, this is just a repeat of last year. Any figure, any scale, keep it clean! One small change, if you’ve already built or primed the miniature you can enter it. I’m willing to accept an entry that is maybe 25% started (i.e. built, primed, and maybe basecoated if only partly).

Other than that, only one rule: Have fun! :grin:

Event Details: (Remember to click “Going” if you want to join the build!)

Completion Award: Anybody can come up with something and submit it, I’m sure there will be something good!

A Note about Awards: The following text is a reminder that in order for people participating and finishing their projects to receive a badge on their forum profile, they will need to provide their account username to the group build leader by the completion date of the build. The leader will then provide this list to the site admin who will bulk award the badges to those users who have finished the group build. If you don’t provide your username or finish the project on the timetable the leader has setup you will not be able to receive an award.


Yeah… I could do another figure. It has been a while.

This one…or maybe a Monogram Merite.



Would an unfinished project from the original ‘Your Figure Just Keeps Improving’ qualify?


I am on! Looking forward to it! :slightly_smiling_face:


Same here, I’m in.

It’s becoming a tradition of mine to join a few of the annual campaigns that I enjoy participating in. :grinning:


Can you post pictures of it so I can see how far along you are?

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And now…an archeology expedition.

These are my progress posts from the previous campaign thread…

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Post 2: Your figure just keeps improving! - #17 by Damraska

Post 3: Your figure just keeps improving! - #29 by Damraska

Post 4: Your figure just keeps improving! - #30 by Damraska

Post 5: Your figure just keeps improving! - #49 by Damraska

This is one of the last progress pictures from Post 5 in July of last year…

The poor little creature currently lies on my desk in the state pictured above. Wow. Nine months, waiting for some love. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: Stupid Lulubelle borked so many other projects. Oh well.

Soooo…the gargarimthis still needs 4 legs, head tentacle thingys (maybe?), back spines (maybe?), tail spines (maybe), and whatever else it ends up needing. Dunno. It could still go in a lot of different directions. Then it will need a paint job, I guess. No idea how far along it is because I don’t know where this road leads.

If it works, great. If not, that’s fine. :slightly_smiling_face:


Although my workshop is currently shut down due to some important changes, but I’m all in. Hopefully I’ll be back on track with styrene (or resin) in September :wink:


I’d say that’s fine, I would consider that a partially built figure. I look forward to seeing you finish that! I enjoyed seeing your imaginative scientific background of the creature last year. :sunglasses:



I like when repeat campaigns allow project rollovers. Some projects take longer than planned. It feels like the effort is not wasted.


I agree, Doug. I do the same on the Sci-Fi and Alternative History campaigns.

I think your previous build fits fine in the next campaign - although I am not the campaign leader so cannot say definitively.

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