The Collection - Models by Magnus :)!

Once every year I clean the display cabinet and dust my models. I got the bright idea to photograph them all this time so here we go! I will add every model I finish here, mostly for my own sake but maybe it will entertain someone else as well! Almost everything is 1/72 with the odd 1/144 thrown in here and there.

Let’s start from the beginning, A.D. 1982!

This is my first ever aircraft model, I got it as a ten-year-old for Christmas in 1982. And from then on I’ve always built models! Many more were built when I grew up but this is the only one I’ve kept. There is a bit of a jump in the chronology before the next one in this list…


Hasegawa 262 with kit decals and Cooper Details interior. This is my only winner yet in the Swedish IPMS national competition. This was in 1994, it worries me a bit!


Fujimi Spit XIV, again with a Cooper Details interior and kit decals. Not the winner I had hoped for :slight_smile:

Italeri boxing of the Dragon P-38J. Not that it matters since I used Aeromaster decals on it! Still missing the bazooka tubes, one day or another…


MPM FW-190 prototype. Not even myself thought it was a winner :slight_smile:


Hasegawa D.520 with ModelArt decals.


Ventura Spitfire PR.XI with Norwegian decals from the kit! Again a disproportionate amount of work was spent on the Cooper Details interior…

Marivox Vampire F. Mk 1. This is a Heller kit with added parts made by Malcolm Laird (of Ventura fame) for the rounded wing tips and square fins of the Mk. 1. It also includes a magnificent decal sheet!


An Omani Hunter…

…and a Chilean one! Both built for the “Hundred Hunters”-display at Telford in 2001. Airfix kits that I spent huge amounts of work on just to end up with two rather mediocre Hunters. Thank God for Revell, I have yet to build one though…


Academy Sabre Mk. 4 with Modeldecal decals. I am still quite fond of this one!

Another nice Academy kit, an F-84 Thunderjet with French markings from ModelArt! My first (and only) use of Alclad!

High Planes Mirage IIIC with kit decals in the markings of one of the Djibouti-based aircraft.


Academy Tempest in the markings of Belgian V-1 ace Remy van Lierde.


Pegasus XP-40Q done for a friend´s P-40 display.

Valom Blackburn Firebrand. Heavily modified nose and home-made canopy to get at least a reasonable resemblance of the real thing! This one is bigger than a P-38, I understand why it was unpopular with the FAA!


Australian Avon Sabre, Academy kit with fuselage and decals from High Planes.

Academy P-51B with Cutting Edge decals from the “Zircus Rosarius” sheet. Metal finish is Vallejo water based metallics. Nice effect but they are a bit fragile!

My first Aeroscale build thanks to PolarBear who talked me into joining! Academy T-6 built for the Suez campaign!


Hasegawa Tomcat from the Tomcat campaign! I’ve collected all the posts I did in that campaign here.

Xtrakit Meteor F.8 with Danish Stoppel decals. This was the first build that I blogged.

Xtrakit Spit XII. Blogged here!


Xtrakit Canberra PR.9 blogged here. Winner Mom March 2008, articles published in Scale Aircraft Modelling and Replic. I’m quite pleased with myself :slight_smile:

Fine Molds Bf-109F-2, simply a great kit! Blogged here and built for the Aces High-campaign.

Fujimi F-4K Phantom. Blogged here and built for the Phabulous Phantoms-campaign. I never managed to finish it in time for the deadline but that matters less!

Hasegawa D.520, a simple but nice kit of a great looking aircraft! Blogged here and built as a weekend-build. I failed miserably :slight_smile: I’ll try some time in the future again.


Dragon Arado 234C-2 blogged here. A troublesome model and certainly no winner but it looks quite cool! Built for the Paparazzi Club-campaign.

Anigrand XF-10F Jaguar blogged here. My first-ever resin kit built for the first (and only one yet) campaign as a leader, the Swing-Wing 2008-campaign. An odd bird indeed!

Xtrakit Meteor T.7 with Isradecal decals blogged here. Built for the Twin seat Trainer/Fighter-campaign.

High Planes Winjeel blogged here. Built for the Ronnie RAAF Campaign-campaign.


I aim for at least six this year! Stay tuned!

Airfix Spitfire XIX…

…and Airfix Spitfire IX, both can be found in this blog!

Two tiny ones, Eduard…

…Me-262 A-1a…

…and Me-262 B-1a in 1/144. Blog is here!

So, I failed miserably to reach my minimum number of finished builds target. Again… On the other hand, four out of six isn’t that bad…


“Johan 62”…

…and “Johan 66”, two 144-scale Draken from Pit Road. Blog is here.

The Italeri 1/72 Hercules, my biggest project yet! Built for a friend so it doesn’t live around here anymore. Build blog here.

AZ model Bucker Bestmann built as a Swedish Sk 25. Not a very good kit but it stands out with its orange wings! Build blog is here.

This ended as an all-Swedish year, quite remarkable for me since I haven’t built anything SWAF since I did a Gloster Gladiator when I was 15. And that was about 25 years ago!


2012 started with a double-build, two absolutely excellent 1/144 Eduard kits delivered in one box.

An Egyptian one…

…and a Slovakian one… …both has been blogged here.

The rather new Airfix Mustang built as a Swedish J 26. Blogged here.

A rather meagre year I think!


First one finished for 2013 and it is still January! Not bad for being me!

Eduard Bf-110C, simply a great kit!

This was a review build with Rowan kindly supplying the kit that was blogged here.

Second one, and it’s still only February! Would be nice to keep this pace for the rest of the year!

Hasegawa FW-190D-9 with Aeromaster decals, blogged (along with two younger siblings that are yet to be finished) here.

Third kit finished this year, still keeping the pace up!

Old Heller kit of Vampire modified to an F.3 in Norwegian service using Vingtor decals.

Blogged here.


Monogram nostalgia build P-38M Night Lightning in the very odd and awkward 1/48 scale :slight_smile: !

Blogged here.

Fine Molds 1990s kit of the Ki-100-1a, I’ve had it in the stash for ages and took it out for the Land of the Rising Sun Campaign. I failed miserably to finish in time…

Blogged here.


Couldn’t keep my fingers from another one of Eduard’s 144-scale MiG-boxings, this is a Finish MiG-21Bis that was blogged here.

A rather protracted project, a double build of the Xtrakit Spitfire 22…

…and the Airfix Spitfire 24, both started in 2012 but finished in April 2015.

The build blog for both can be found here.

A double-build with the Finnish MiG found above, finally finished the day before Christmas. Have a look at the build blog here.


Sorry, nothing :frowning: . Tinkering with armour and figures and visiting both Moson in Hungary and Scale Modelworld didn’t help productivity the way I had hoped :slight_smile: !

But as we all know, there is always a “next year” :slight_smile: ->


Airfix Lightning F.2A…

…and Lightning F.6.

Both were blogged in this thread.

Two long-term builds, a Dragon Ta-152H…

…and a Ta-152C.

Have a look at the build blog for both here. Spanning more than five years but at least they got finished!

Eduard’s absolute great Spit XVI! Blogged in this thread.

While I was in Spitfire-mode anyway, I filled in another blank in my Spit-collection by doing a Mk VIII, of course another Eduard kit! Check out the build blog here!

With this, I have for the first time in my grown life managed to do my “required” six models during a year. I might have to celebrate with a small Hannant’s-order…


My second Eduard Messerschmitt Bf 110, this time a G-4 night fighter. An almost four month long project that was blogged here!

This is the very nice PZL P.11c from Arma Hobby, built and blogged here!


Something that has been on my to-build-list since at least the mid-1980´s, a Hurricane! This is another very enjoyable Arma kit that I started right at it’s release. Build blog is here!

A third consecutive Arma Hobby build, a Fokker E.V! I very seldom do WWI-stuff but this was another Arma kit that ticked the right boxes. Trying lozenge decals and doing the wing camo were two of the high points that I enjoyed! And as always, there is a
build blog for it!

A somewhat odd bird that I have always liked a lot since I saw it live for the first time in the 1980s (there were five of them in the Swedish Air Force): a Dornier Do 27. West German from the Special Hobby kit but still a Dornier! The usual build blog can be found here!

Picked this one from the shelf of doom and finished it more than five years after I had started it - I’m quite pleased with myself! Airfix kit with Xtradecal decals that I took part in researching - it’s of course accurate to an absolute dizzying level! There is a blog here where you actually can follow TWO builds, the other one is a Norwegian Vampire F.3 that was finshed a long time ago.

A trio of really tiny Eduard Avia 534s in 1/144 scale, I won’t do that rigging again soon :slight_smile: !

A build blog covering all of them can be found here!

A duo of Yaks! A double build of Arma Hobby’s Yak-1b.

As usual, there is a build blog!

These two end my most successful modelling year ever with nine kits finished. Can I keep this up there is a small chance that I might be able to finish my stash within my reasonably expected life time :slight_smile: !


A bit of a slow start after a very productive 2019 but anyway, here’s the first one finished this year: the Arma Hobby Hurricane IIc. As always, there is a blog!

This one has “filled in” between other builds so even if it was an easy build the process stretched over two years. One of Eduard’s very nice Focke-Wulfs, an F-8! Visit the blog here!

Airfix Gloster Gladiator. I did it from a Mk I boxing complemented with a Heller 3-blade prop and home made maasks to make it into a Mk II. This very marking alternative is now available from Airfix in a Mk II boxing, complete with the correct prop and everything :slight_smile: ! Build blog is here!

A pair of Arma Hobby’s very nice Wildcats.

Here is the build blog!

The Mister Kit Fiat CR 42 short-run from the 1990’s, build can be found

And to what most likely is the final entry of 2020, the Special Hobby Messerschmitt 209 V1:

First build on the new forum site, and there is as always a

With this, I’ve bagged seven this year, one more than the minimum legal requirement around here!




A very nice collection!

Wow! Thanks for posting these photos. Quite an impressive bunch.


A most impressive portfolio. I love seeing the progression of techniques and build quality over the years, also the increasing quantity of builds each year :smiley: Thanks for sharing!


Great to see you move the collection over to the new site, Magnus! :+1:

Of course, following along :cowboy_hat_face:

Still there, Magnus and changed the site as well - great work overall!
Due to other aspects of life not much modelling time since. Go on with that fine work ::

As I was scrolling through I was thinking oooo! I like that one, then another one, and another one, then came the F86, oh yeah I really like that, then the BAC lightning emmhmm! and it just kept going, I can’t pick a favorite! Very nice collection of planes. Cool, very cool!


Friends! Thanks a lot for your kind words!



Beautiful builds. Thanks for sharing.

It’s been a year since I added something to the collection, I’ll try to make up for it during the last weeks of 2021!

I’ve done three of the absolutely marvellous Special Hobby 109E:s:

An E-1…

…an E-3…

…and an E-4!

Build blog is here!




Three great additions to the Collection, Magnus :blush:

Very nice Magnus ! I give credit to anyone who can work in 1/72 yet alone 1/144 !
It is fun to see your skills improve year by year - thanks for posting these .
Cheers- Richard

The first two finishers for 2022, two Arma Hobby Mustangs:

Built with care, these are absolutely fantastic kits! If you want to check out the process, there is of course a build blog here!




Lovely builds Magnus and certainly worthy of front and centre in the display shelf :cowboy_hat_face:

My French Mud Mover is finally finished, a year late but finished is always finished!

A Special Hobby Bréguet Br 693 in 1/72, you can check out the build blog here!


Great work Magnus.

To paraphrase a famous movie, I think you’re gonna need a bigger Hangar :cowboy_hat_face:

@Russelle Yep, I certainly do need a bigger hangar! I will probably prune the collection a bit and store some of my older models in the same kind of boxes that I use to get them to and from exhibitions, right now they are packed so tight that they are difficult to appreciate.

This is number four for 2022, and my fourth Special Hobby 109 E!

As always, go visit the build blog that it shares with the other three 109s!




Great work Magnus!

That’s the kind of hangar I’d be proud of :slightly_smiling_face:

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That sure is a great group of aircraft … very nice!!

Quite a collection, and you are buildign very fast with very good results!